What Does a Uniform Rental Service Cost?

You’ve recognized the need for a uniform rental service that can provide an added benefit to recruit and retain a well-performing team. You may realize that your outdated or poorly fitted uniforms do not project a professional image or set you apart from your competition. You may have your staff providing and laundering their uniforms and didn’t realize there is a better option.

You could also be facing challenges of inferior service, uniforms not correctly fitted, or paying too much for all of the above. 

All of these potential scenarios lead to the question, “What does a uniform rental service cost?” Understanding the costs associated with a uniform service will help you get the most out of a properly implemented and managed program.

Keep in mind: The value-added benefits of a superior uniform program will also provide ease of mind when it comes to knowing you are getting more for your money.

Set Your Staff Up For Success With A Personalized Program

Typically a staff member who works five days per week would need a personalized set of uniforms totaling 11 sets. This total inventory provides each team member with five sets of uniforms soiled and ready to be picked up at the time of delivery, five sets within the delivery, and the employee or team member wearing a uniform set at the time of delivery. 

This is typically referred to as 5/11; the extra set of uniforms is also referenced as a swing set.
An employee who works 5 days per week would need a total inventory of 11 uniform sets.

Every business’ needs are different, therefore it is important to navigate through the initial steps before being able to determine how much your uniform program will cost.

Four Steps To Determining Your Uniform Rental Needs

  1. Determine the proper uniform for the job.

Will you need one or more of the following? 

  • FR Work Shirts
  • Lab Coats
  •  Industrial Work Shirts
  • Industrial Work Pants
  • Barrier Lab Coats
  • Other workwear
  1. Determine your branding options with company logo or personalization.
    Gather digital artwork or company logo to personalize with embroidery or add an embroidered company logo or emblem to your new uniforms. Adding an embroidered company logo or emblem will add that professional look and pride as well as increase morale and promote company pride.
  2. Determine how many employees require uniforms each week.

Determine the number of employees needing uniforms, determine the number of uniform required sets each day, determine the amount of each member works per week.

  1. Determine where you will store your clean uniforms.
    Do you have locker rooms or have an installed garment rack? Will you need a garment rack provided to you?

Value-Added Benefits While Factoring the Cost of a Uniform Rental Service

Understanding the value drivers of a uniform program will help you determine whether or not your uniform rental cost is working for you or against you. In today’s world, knowing you provide the most hygienically clean uniforms to your team members is essential. Not all providers are accredited or certified, and choosing a provider that offers a certified and accredited hygienically clean uniform rental program is your best choice.

Is your provider HLAC accredited? You can find more information on the benefits of choosing an HLAC accredited commercial laundry such as Crown Uniform and Linen in this article. https://crownuniform.com/choosing/

Choose a Uniform Rental Service That Provides Service

When looking for a uniform provider, ask yourself what is most important to you. Most Crown Uniform & Linen customers are looking for high quality service, so they are confident knowing they are taken care of every step of the way. Whether you are looking to add a wearer, review repair and usage reports, or add a branded uniform option, our well-trained and fully staffed team is ready to help. Our goal is to keep your staff looking their best so they can work in confidence while designing a custom uniform rental program that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.

Crown Uniform and Linen’s team of uniform experts can help you determine what uniform will work the best for you and your employees, and provide you with all the information to understand what a uniform rental service will cost. Crown Uniform and Linen is New England’s #1 uniform rental service provider servicing all of New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and New York.