Family Owned & Committed to Quality

Crown Uniform and Linen Service is a family owned and operated uniform and linen business that has been dedicated to serving New England for over 100 years. The company has remained family owned and is currently lead by the founder’s grandson Arthur Spilios and great-grandsons George and Plato Spilios. Angelina Spilios is planning to join the company after completing her law degree.

We are in the image business, this means we aim to inspire confidence in the customers we serve. We believe that to be successful, every company needs to project the right image to their customers. That means making sure employees look good, stay safe and feel confident at all times.

We rent and process a diverse selection of high-quality garments, linens, mats and facility service products that help medical, food, and industrial businesses make the right impression on their patients, patrons and customers.

At Crown, we are committed to quality in everything we do, from the products we select, to the employees we hire to the processes we use to launder, press and customize garments and linens. We continually invest in new technology to help our business operate efficiently, in green initiatives to conserve resources and in new systems and processes to provide our customers with consistent and reliable service.

George, Chris, Arthur, Plato