Crown proudly offers a selection of PPE and work uniforms that will minimize exposure from hazards in the workplace and keep your team safe on the job. We even offer custom fittings for each employee to ensure that equipment is comfortable and fits properly. Regardless of the hazards your team faces on the job, Crown can help you minimize risk and meet OSHA standards when it comes to your work uniforms.

Professional Image

Crown is the the only uniform and linen company in New England that presses industrial work shirts-because we understand that the more professional you look, the more confident your customers feel. Clean, pressed, and embroidered uniforms represent your business well, increase employee pride in the workplace and improve customer satisfaction. With Crown, you can make the right impression, every time.

Consistent & Reliable Service

At Crown, we believe that service matters, this is why we have invested in training for our employees and quality management systems that ensure we are delivering the right product to the right person at the right time. We are dedicated to standing out