Industrial Uniforms Promote Safety and Professionalism in The Industrial Workplace

Industrial safety officers and hiring managers turn to Crown’s industrial uniform rental service to promote safety and professionalism in the industrial workplace. We all know workplace injuries can be detrimental to employers and our most dedicated employees, decreasing morale and resulting in a loss of productivity.

Industrial Uniforms protect workers from workplace hazards.

  • A well-managed industrial uniform rental program, such as Crown’s Industrial Uniform rental service, provides the proper uniform for the job that is not only protective but properly fitted and comfortable.

Uniform service for industrial and factory applications in Massachusetts.

Evaluate the risk.

Ensure you have the correct uniform for the right job, whether your employees need to be seen out on the road or within a warehouse, having a Hi-Vis industrial uniform program will keep your employees seen and out of harm’s way.

FR uniforms with Crown Uniform and Linen will keep your staff safe when the job requires flame-resistant apparel. Our uniform program provides managers uniforms from the world’s leading flame-resistant apparel brand Bulwark FR, professionally laundered, quality inspected, and hygienically clean, delivered to you each week.

Industrial Work Pants & Industrial Work Shirts – Your safety is our top priority in our industrial uniform rental service. Our trade professionals, manufacturing, machining clients, and electrical manufacturers rely on Crown’s comfortable work-ready apparel. Our industrial uniforms have been selected and tested to perform, and you can find brands such as Red Kap, Dickies, Bulwark FR, to name a few.

Inspire confidence and morale.

A professional and hygienically cleaned uniform rental service inspires confidence, teamwork, promotes your brand and improves security and employee pride.  Many facility directors find establishing a unique industrial uniform for team leaders and production supervisors can help employees quickly identify management.

“Crown has been fantastic. My guys look so much better in these uniforms that my customers have been commenting on it!” Wayne Mulligan Tri State Hood & Duct

Safe Industrial Uniforms Fit Properly

Crown’s understands your industry and how important it is not only to have the proper uniform, but will also make sure your staff is appropriately sized and fitted to help reduce accidental risk. Our team members will make sure we get accurate size information and guide you in your decision process. Our goal is to make sure your team is comfortable, looking great, and well protected.

You can trust Crown that you will no longer have poorly fitting uniforms that restrict movement or put your team members at risk with snags or getting caught in a machine.

Remember, a proper fitting uniform should be an essential factor in your overall safety plan.