Our mission is to be the most sustainable commercial laundry in the industry.

We recognize that there are other opportunities to continuously improve our sustainability practices. We are committed to any green initiative that leads to a better use of our natural resources.”

George Spilios, President

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Water and The Green / Ecofriendly Movement

Crown’s commitment to sustainability includes identifying opportunities in our operations to reduce waste, reuse valuable materials and recycle what cannot be reduced or reused.

Hanger Recycling Program
Crown’s service representatives gather wire hangers on their routes and return them to our cleaning facilities where they are cleaned and reused, keeping unnecessary waste out of our communities’ landfills, eliminating unnecessary new hanger production and reusing perfectly good materials.

Recycling Decommissioned Uniforms and Linens
Crown is committed to providing only the best quality uniforms and linens, so when they no longer pass our quality control standards, or when a particular style is discontinued, we decommission the product.

Crown’s linens and work uniforms find new life in community programs or as cleaning rags while medical uniforms and lab coats are donated to non-profit groups like the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Paper, Plastics, Metal Recycling
Single stream recycling allows us to collect all recyclables- plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, and metals all in the same bin. Combined with staff training on the new system, everything that can be recycled at Crown is now being recycled.

Reusables in the Workplace
Crown decided to move away from single use disposable cups and mugs to reusable ones for all staff. “Mug Walls” were installed in break rooms so that employees can hang their individual mugs/coffee cups for easy re-use.

Polybag Re-use and Recycling
In order to ensure hygienic delivery we are required to deliver specific medical garments in poly-bags. As a way to reduce the impact of poly-bags we took the following steps:

We have switched to recycled content poly-bags to reduce the environmental impact of the poly-bags that are used.

Green Purchasing at Crown

Throughout the company’s operations, Crown has committed to purchasing the greenest products available whenever possible.

This includes our recycled poly-bags, biodegradable laundry detergents, green hand soap and cleaning products, recycled paper products, and soy-inks for professionally printed materials.

In addition, Crown is exploring sustainable fabric uniforms as an alternative for clients looking to green their own operations. 

“We would definitely recommend Crown for any uniform needs.”

Islam Denis, DMD. – Little Smiles + Big Smiles

Green Transportation

Crown’s sales and service fleets travel all around Massachusetts, southern Connecticut and New Hampshire.

In order to achieve our sustainability goals, we replaced our delivery fleet with “clean” diesel vehicles, upgraded our sales fleet to energy efficient Toyota Priuses, instituted a route management system that optimizes vehicle routes and tracks idling time, and set anti-idling policies for drivers.

Energy Efficiency

Upgraded Lighting
Crown has worked to reduce the company’s energy use across all aspects of our operations including: installing super-efficient T-5 and LED lighting throughout the plant, installing motion light sensors in hallways, conference rooms and other low-use areas, placing all office electronics on automated timers, and setting end-of-day policies regarding office shut-down.

Solar Panels
Installed solar panels on the roof of the building by partnering with GE. The solar panels are enough to provide 1/3 of the electrical capacity in the plant.

Heat reclamation system
Crown installed a heat reclamation system that allows us to take the heat from our waste water and use it to heat the incoming water in order to reduce gas costs, energy costs and reduce environmental pollution.