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Crown Uniform and Linen Service offers a variety of products, services and programs customized to meet the needs of businesses in diverse industries. Whether you’re in healthcare, dental, biotech, restaurants, factories, food processing, manufacturing, casinos or others. If you have needs when it comes to linens, uniforms, or floor mats that will benefit from a commercial laundry, we can help.


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Uniform Rental Service

At Crown, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our best-in-class uniform and apparel programs help businesses to outsource their employee uniform and linen services to us.


At Crown, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our best-in-class uniform and apparel programs, help businesses outsource their employee uniform needs and maintain that professional image. Our uniform rental service will provide you with properly fitted uniforms that keep your employees protected, comfortable and ready for the day.

Linen Service
Crown Uniform and Linen Service takes an innovative approach to linen service with a commitment to sustainability and hygienically clean accreditations. Towels for restaurants or hospitality groups and linens for medical offices or rehabilitation centers count on Crown to make sure their linens are cleaned with the highest quality control. Our best-in-class linen service provides hygienic, comfortable, and attractive linens for employees and customers. 

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Commercial Mat Service
Mops, mats, and floor care can be taken for granted and often looked over as a cost spent in janitorial and slip and fall accidents. However, custom mats and a commercial mat service can outsource the “first step” a customer takes when entering your business and minimize risk. We provide a mat rental service that’s one of the top-rated in Boston, Manchester, Hartford and other New England towns because that first step matters.

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