When you are comfortable and confident, so are your patrons.

You can operate in confidence and minimize risk knowing that Crown has invested in quality management and regulatory systems in order to safeguard you from compliance risks in food safety when it comes to your uniforms and linens.

Regulatory Compliance

We understand that in the food processing and food service industries your success is dependent on managing regulatory issues and ensuring food safety. The methodical approach that Crown takes to ensure uniforms are laundered according to FDA, CDC and HACCP standards can help you meet, or exceed regulatory expectations.

Consistent and Reliable Service

At Crown, we have invested in the most innovative technology and quality management systems to guarantee you have what you need when you need it. We take the extra step from providing microchipped aprons to dedicated service representatives that understand your business, so that during busy seasons or times of need your inventory levels remain consistent.

Improve Business Appearance

We understand that in the food service and processing industries, image matters. At Crown we invest in the highest quality of uniforms from flame resistant work shirts to personalized chef coats to keep your staff safe and happy. A clean, professionally dressed staff not only delivers higher quality work and service but also instills confidence in the people you serve.

Crown has received the following accreditations for its dedication to properly laundering uniforms and linens: