At Crown, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve tailored our uniform and apparel programs to fit the industry you work in and the customers or patients that you serve.

Learn more about our uniform programs:

Manufacturing/Trade Uniforms
Our uniform program is tailored to your business whether you are an HVAC contractor, plumber or work in manufacturing, our uniforms and apparel meet your PPE needs.

Food Processing Uniforms
We purchase, handle and launder all uniforms and linens that are handled in food manufacturing and processing establishments according to FDA, CDC and TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Safety Standards to ensure your business remains compliant when it comes to your uniforms.

Kitchen and Restaurant Uniform Apparel
Our food service uniform program provides a variety of apparel from chef coats, kitchen aprons and wait staff uniforms to ensure everyone in your establishment has clean, comfortable and professional work attire.

Medical Apparel Program
Our medical apparel program is tailored to your practice offering a variety of styles of scrubs, lab coats and warm up jackets all laundered according to the highest standards for medical apparel, protecting your practice, staff and patients from occupational exposure risks.