How to Get Valuable Time and Money Back with a Uniform and Linen Rental Service

The time you spend managing your own or a less-than-adequate uniform and linen rental service is costing you money.

Many New England business owners and managers using Crown’s uniform and linen rental service realize how a well-performing uniform and linen service can improve productivity, save your administration staff time, and improve your business’s overall image and morale.

We all know of the quote “Time is Money So Don’t Waste It,” and this is especially true if you find yourself faced with shortages, missed deliveries, or unsafe uniforms due to holes, tears, and rips. You or your staff can find yourself managing a uniform and linen rental service instead of focusing on what is most important, your business and your customers.

Tracy, dental practice manager in Hartford, Connecticut, spent two hours a week gathering up staff uniforms, driving through traffic to an expensive dry-cleaner, and distributing the uniforms to her dental practice each week.  Considering the work that she was missing out on, the 3 hours she spent after-hours catching up, she saved time, money and improved the quality and reliability of her staff’s uniforms by using Crown’s service.Linen service for dentists in Boston

There is more to a unit cost with a uniform and linen rental service.

At the end of the day, an enticing unit price without understanding the soft costs associated with a lower performing uniform and linen rental service can end up costing you money. Finding a solution that invests in quality inventory management with bar-corded garments and a service team to make sure each delivery runs smoothly is important now more than ever. Crown’s account management, reliability, and quality outperform the national competition and lesser qualified uniform and linen and rental services.

Understanding the overall value of your uniform and linen rental service is just as important as the unit price.

  • Will your uniforms and linens be there when you need them the most? Crown’s service team will make sure you have what you need for when you need it. A well managed uniform rental service will save you time and money by putting back into operating your business.
  • Do you find employees on your invoice long after they are no longer employed? Crown’s easy-to-read invoicing with details by the wearer makes it easy for you to know exactly what you are paying. Also, our route service representative can make sure your account is up to date and accurate; we are working for you and not against you.
  • Are you taking the time to order new uniforms year after year? Crown invests in new uniforms and linens so you don’t have to, at no upfront cost to you. This way, you’re saving money in the cost of the uniform and in the time it takes to manage new employees, changes in sizing, and damaged uniforms.

As a local family-owned business, we understand what delivering value is all about; which has been a family tradition for over one hundred years. Based in Brockton, Massachusetts, we service all of New England – from Boston to Providence, Brattleboro to Hartford, Connecticut to Massachusetts to Rhode Island to Maine to New Hampshire and everywhere between in the New England region.