Choosing a Uniform and Linen Rental Company While Dealing with the Impact of COVID-19

In 2020 when the world was struck with an earth-shattering pandemic, businesses all over the country including here in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and throughout New England struggled to stay afloat, perform business as usual and keep the infrastructure needed to support staff. Everyone was impacted at some level, however thanks to Crown’s innovative processes that were established well before COVID-19, we continued to provide dependable and reliable service. The investments made in our facilities, the processes in place to earn our accreditations, and a thoughtful sanitization step at every point of the laundering process secured Crown’s position as the most dependable leader in the uniform rental industry throughout New England.

Our HLAC accredited and Hygienically Clean processing facility continued to operate fully staffed while testing our teams’ commitment, training, and strength to the highest levels. Our delivery and service teams provided continuous service throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Our teams provided and continue to provide hygienically clean and protective uniforms and linens to all front-line workers. These vital industries include those in the healthcare industry, food production and distribution, manufacturing, automotive services and many other business and industries that remain vital to our communities and economy.Healthcare Linen and Uniform Rental service in Massachusetts

Fully Staffed & Trained

Providing the #1 Uniform Rental Service starts with an investment in training our teams; this first-class training is vital for our clients, team members, and families’ safety, comfort, and protection. Here are some key attributes:

  • Cross Contamination Safe Practices
  • Blood Borne Pathergeons
  • COVID-19 Safety & Hand Washing
  • Fleet Safety
  • PPE Protection
  • SMART Training & HIPAA Regulations
  • Fleet & Driver Safety

“Knowing I worked for a company that treated me like part of the family and did everything to keep me safe and comfortable while doing what I love to do, serve my customers, set my mind at ease to do my part, and keep my customers safe as well.” Keith Jennings – Service Manager at Crown Uniform and Linen

Equipped For Safety

Ask yourself what is important when it comes to your laundry or uniform provider. Have they secured PPE? Is their staff trained in OSHA and HIPPA compliance? Have they invested in equipment and solutions to keep their staff healthy and garments free of organic matter and pathogens?

In 2021, Crown invested in an Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System.

“OMNI Solutions’ SULAOS Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System (patent pending / EPA # 93170-WI-001) dissolves organic materials from water through an enhanced oxidation process for Tunnel washers. Using a combination of methods involving Ultraviolet (UV) Light, the system produces potent oxidizers, including hydroxyl radicals which react with organic contaminants, destroying them in the treated water.”

Crown’s leadership empowered our safety teams with the tools and education to keep everyone safe and working with the highest level of cleanliness and protection. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest innovative technology and has been credited as the most sustainable commercial laundry in New England.

You Can Count on Us

The average laundry facility is dealing with labor shortages, missed deliveries, or offering a cleaning process that does not meet the hygienically clean standards. Crown continues to invest in its employees, product offerings, and growth as the first choice when it comes to choosing a uniform and linen rental company you can count on.