Manufacturing Uniforms


Save the time, hassle and cost of cleaning, dry cleaning or laundering your own uniforms.

Using a commercial uniform and linen service for manufacturing, HVAC, electrical, industrial, and other types of businesses that are heavy users of employee uniforms is a no brainer. Our uniform service is tailored to your business whether you are an HVAC contractor, plumber or work in manufacturing or other type of factory or small business setting. Our uniforms and apparel meet your PPE needs. Reach out to us today for a free quote on being your commercial laundry and uniform service whether you’re in plumbing or HVAC, electrical or industrial, or any type of manufacturing or small business that needs employee uniforms. We service Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island, and Connecticut, from Boston to Manchester, Hartford to Springfield and everywhere in between.

Select your style and get the perfect fit

Personalize uniforms with emblems or embroidery of names or logos.

Our certified service representatives deliver your garments

All reps are trained to ensure professionalism, safety and compliance.

Garments are picked up for weekly cleaning

At our award winning, certified laundry facility that is committed to sustainability.

Then returned to your office

So you and your team can look and feel your best every day.

Repairs, additions and updates are seamless

By working directly with your service rep who knows and understands your business.