What is “Hygienically Clean”? And why it matters to the workplace

You’ve started to notice it more and more when it comes to laundry: the phrase “Hygienically Clean”. But what exactly does hygienically clean mean, and is it the standard that workplaces should be seeking when it comes to uniforms and linens? Read on, and you’ll see why sourcing a certified hygienically clean commercial laundry, such as Crown Uniform and Linen, assures all your uniform and linen needs are laundered and delivered with your safety, protection, and professionalism in mind.

Just what is TRSA Certified Hygienically Clean?

Textile Rental Service Association, also known as the TRSA, is an organization that works to strengthen and advocate for the Linen, Uniform, and Facility Services Industry. Whether acting as a collective voice of the industry, advocating environmentally friendly processes, sharing best practices, or benchmarking standards for clean, comfortable, commercially laundered uniforms and linens, the TRSA Certified Hygienically Clean Certification is about commitment.

In order to receive the Hygienically Clean certification, commercial laundries must go through a rigorous inspection process. Through this process, the laundry must pass a series of qualifying biological tests every three years. TRSA looks for processes such as airflow, microbial testing, sorting, etc. to ensure that the laundry meets Hygienically Clean cleanliness specifications. 

How clean is Hygienically Clean?

Without getting extremely technical, the cleanliness required to receive a Hygienically Clean certification is measured by a series of tests that look for the absence of seven specified microorganisms. If these are absent, then it is safe for healthcare, food safety, and all other industries to wear and use. You can learn more here.

The TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification recognizes commercial laundries that have achieved this certification and have committed to implementing processes and standards at the highest level. This certification process includes plant operations, employee training, OSHA compliance, and third-party inspections, including quantified biological testing. 

Crown Uniform and Linen provides the most advanced process for all of our commercial laundering of uniforms and linens. Our TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification and the HLAC ( Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council ) Accreditation also provide customers peace of mind. 

Is it important to use a Hygienically Clean certified laundry?

Short answer, yes. There are many reasons to seek a certified laundry, no matter the industry, but the main one is the credibility added to the commercial laundry. The certification acknowledges that management has an intimate understanding of the importance of cleanliness and safety of their customers and “green” sustainable techniques. 

More specifically, the laundries such as Crown Uniform & Linen have turned to a third party to assure they are preventing their laundered garments from becoming a source of contamination. According to TRSA, “A textile services operation that earns Hygienically Clean certification and maintains TRSA membership is committed to high productivity and workplace safety rates, achieving the highest levels of excellence in these metrics as well as efficiency, cleanliness and environmental protection.”

Crown’s commitment and dedication start with training and investment in our plant operations. All team members are trained and certified in bloodborne pathogens, cross-contamination, HIPPA, and COVID-19, to name a few. Our Brockton, MA plant was specially designed to attain the accreditations needed to meet our customer’s safety needs. 

Crown Uniform and Linen implemented these training standards and processes long before COVID-19 shook the world. Crown Uniform and Linen was prepared and ready to meet the ever-changing need of our customers while operating fully staffed.    

This assurance level offers you, your staff, patients, and customers comfort knowing all your uniforms and linens are commercially laundered to the highest cleanliness levels and are a vital part of infection control. 

Request a certified partner

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