How to Understand the Cost & Benefits of a White Coat Rental Service

Lab coats (or white coats) are essential to keeping your staff safe and adhering to healthcare and safety guidelines. Not to mention, if they are customized, cleaned and pressed properly, physicians are able to care for patients with a confidence, without worrying about the care of their coat.

Understanding the cost & benefits of a lab coat rental service is key to staying on budget, well protected, and projecting a professional image. To establish the cost of a lab coat / white coat full-service rental program, you will need to answer several questions for yourself.

  • How many staff members require a lab coat / white coat?
  • How many lab coats does each member need per day?
  • How many days per week does each staff member that would require a lab coat / white coat?
  • What level of protection does each staff member require? Example barrier lab coat.
  • Does the lab coat rental service require an upfront investment to purchase lab coats?

How many lab coats do I need for my healthcare providers?

Determining the amount of lab coats you need for your staff takes some basic logical thinking, but can be easily determined with a helpful vendor. Here’s an example.

A physician who works five days per week and requires one lab coat per day would need a rotation of 5 coats per week. To make this work, each provider would need an issue 11 lab coats total in a total rotation


Choose the right partner for your safety and success


When choosing a white coat supplier for your department, look beyond the brand and make sure you are choosing a partner you can trust with the safety of your staff and patients. Determining the cost of a lab coat rental service should also include understanding the safety benefits that come with each program.

Choose an accredited HLAC commercial healthcare laundry that provides your practice management, staff, and patients peace of mind knowing that your lab coats are handled, processed, and delivered with the most advanced and stringent procedures, processes, and guidelines.

Choose a white coat program that includes the values that are important to you and your department or practice.

  • Does the service include the highest quality control standards?  
  • Does the provider require an initial investment?
  • Does the provider have a service team that can deliver the quality service you and your staff members deserve?
  • Does the lab coat service provide personalization and custom branding/logo options with embroidery?
  • Does the lab coat laundering service include bar code tracking and inventory control management?


As you can see, many factors go into achieving the highest value, superior service with the highest levels of protection and comfort. Crown Uniform and Linen’s highly trained and dedicated staff is ready to customize and build the perfect fit when it comes to a hygienically clean lab coat rental service.

Crown Uniform and Linen’s highly trained sales team will provide a consultative sales experience helping you understand the transparent cost of a lab coat rental program, beginning with a free fitting at your office. Crown Uniform and Linen services all of New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and New York.