How Healthcare Practices are Enhancing Safety with Hygienically Clean Apparel and Linen

New England is known as the epicenter for high standards in healthcare; many doctors and practice managers are looking at these same high standards when choosing and uniform and linen rental service.

Now more than ever, healthcare and medical offices throughout New England and the country are researching how they can keep their apparel as clean and safe as possible. What is the difference between clean and hygienically clean? Not all commercial healthcare laundry and uniform and linen rental service providers are equal. Let’s face it; team members are exposed to many risks throughout their day; wearing a uniform or presenting a patient gown from an unqualified laundry shouldn’t be one of them.
Just because a vendor uses the word clean doesn’t mean they have implemented the highest and strictest standards to achieve the HLAC Accreditation or the TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification like Crown Uniform & Linen.

Crown ensures quality from Connecticut to Maine with HLAC inspections in all our branch locations, including our state-of-the-art processing facility. All of our healthcare lab coats and reusable patient gowns are processed and inspected to keep your team and patients protected, professional and comfortable. Crown Uniform and Linen has set the standards high with our quality assurance program and continues to be New England’s top healthcare uniform and linen rental service provider.

Crown Uniform & Linen with 5 Locations


  1. Milford, Connecticut
  2. Nashua, New Hampshire
  3. Providence, Rhode Island
  4. Brockton, Massachusetts
  5. Windsor, Connecticut



Crown Uniform & Linen is “Just What the Doctor Ordered”

Outfitting your staff just got easier; our complete line of lab coats offers the highest level of protection, comfort, and professionalism. Whether your office is looking for a traditional white lab coat or needs the added protection of a barrier lab coat, our expert healthcare uniform advisors will help you make the right choice for the level of protection you need. Our complete healthcare uniform and linen service also offers a full line of scrubs. Our scrub shirts and scrub pants come in various colors, and Crown also offers a selection of scrubs that add a touch of style while maintaining comfort and functionality

Lab Coats Towels
Scrub Shirts & Scrub Pants Sheets
Mammography Capes Isolation Gowns
Patient Gowns Barrier Coats
Pillowcases Warm Up Jackets

Partnering for Patient Satisfaction

Many patients judge their satisfaction on their first few minutes of stepping foot in the exam room; providing your patient with a hygienically clean and fresh patient gown will help minimize discomfort and increase patient satisfaction. Providing an exam gown that fits appropriately will send the clear message that you care about their comfort and well-being while setting their mind at ease.

Our healthcare and medical linen rental service is provided with the same account and inventory management system as our uniform rental program and held to the highest standards to exceed OSHA, CDC, and CMS.

Cardiology Blood Centers & Laboratory Testing
Dermatology Primary Care
Imaging Centers Orthopedics
Physical Therapy Oncology
Breast Health & Mammography Urgent Care

Contact us and take the first step in achieving the most comprehensive linen service to compliment your safe practices. Your consultation and fitting is free, and most cases we will buy-back your previously owned lab coats and apparel!

Whether your healthcare practice or medical office is in Hartford, Connecticut, Portland, Maine, Providence, Rhode Island, or Boston, Massachusetts, providing your staff and patients hygienically clean uniforms and linens is a must.