Crown Uniform and Linen Announces New Post Focused on Providence RI Linen Service Issues Including Healthcare and Medical

Providence, Rhode Island – April 28, 2020. Crown Uniform and Linen, a highly-rated professional linen service heavily focused on healthcare and medical linen service needs in Providence RI and surrounding area, is proud to announce a new post for the Rhode Island business community.Providence RI linen service

“Providence is a major center for healthcare, medical, and doctor’s offices,” explained Plato Spilios, Co-President at Crown. “Not surprisingly, we’re seeing an uptick in inquiries on our medical, healthcare, and doctors’ office linen services for not just Providence but nearby communities in Rhode Island.”

Rhode Island healthcare, medical, and doctors’ office personnel can visit the updated healthcare page at It should also be noted that once the crisis is over, restaurants wil spring back to life in the Rhode Island city. Restaurant owners and persons in the culinary industry can review a new post by Crown Uniform and Linen at . Interested persons can read more about Providence RI linen services on the food service page at


Here is the background for this release. While a small state, Rhode Island has a significant healthcare industry. Doctor’s offices, for example, congregate in Providence RI and nearby cities. Medical offices as well are there, and of course hospitals have their issues in the current situation. Fortunately, Rhode Island businesses can avail themselves of a linen service that can serve the specific needs of the healthcare and medical industry.

Crown adheres to strict, environmentally friendly cleaning standards at their healthcare laundry facility to help medical businesses meet or exceed regulatory expectations. The methodical approach and bacteriological testing that Crown applies when handling and laundering textiles exposed to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials guarantees that your uniforms meet the highest industry standards. It’s no surprise that the company is best-in-class choice for a healthcare / medical laundry service in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire/
For these reasons, Crown Uniform and Linen has announced a new post about Providence Rhode Island linen service.


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