Providence RI Loves Restaurants, and Restaurants Love Our Linen Service

Providence is one of the best restaurant towns in New England. Right up there with Boston and its North End! No kidding. Restaurant Linen Service in Providence RIThose “in the know” who like to try out a wide range of culinary experiences from different cultures often go down to Providence.

But guess what? Those in the restaurant business in Providence who are “in the know” – and much further afield as well – use Crown Uniform and Linen Service for all their linen and uniform needs.

The fact that we have been in business for over 100 years supplying restaurant uniforms and linens in New England might just have something to do with it. We must be doing something right, or we wouldn’t still be here!

But in all seriousness, we understand that, what you need when you run a restaurant, is for your uniforms and linens to arrive spot on time when you need them. This is why we have invested in the very latest technology in order to ensure that this is exactly what happens. You really don’t want to hear a lot of excuses because two of our drivers went sick. That is not your problem – it’s ours. As a family run company, we expect our suppliers to do what we need, and you have the same right as well.

Things Can Vary; Outsource Your Linen Service to Us

Furthermore, we also understand that things can vary during the year. You may have times when you are extremely busy and need extra service and these may be predictable – for instance Thanksgiving and Christmas – or they may not. That doesn’t matter. What you need is a Providence, RI, linen service that is adaptable and can still provide what you need, no matter whether there are peaks and troughs. Let’s face it: if you normally serve, say, 50 lunches, and suddenly it doubles to 100, you are going to need double the amount of tablecloths, napkins, and so on at short notice. At Crown Uniform and Linen Service, we are geared up to deal with that. This is why we employ a team of representatives who will ensure that your Providence, RI, linen service is always consistent, but upon whom you can call at short notice if need be.

Of course, at Crown Uniform and Linen Service we don’t only supply restaurants. There are many other sectors which also have a demand for a reliable supply of linens and uniforms such as the medical sector, hotels, casinos, retail stores (maybe not so much in the way of linens, but certainly smart uniforms), and many more. We can supply them all and ensure that everything arrives exactly when it should.