4 Reasons to Switch to a Lab Coat Rental Program

Dependability, Quality, Savings & Cleanliness is a WIN for your Medical Practice with a managed lab coat rental service.

Some healthcare managers inherit an ineffective and costly system of using a local laundry or dry cleaner for laundering their staff’s lab coats and uniforms. These same managers are usually evaluating safe practices, looking to decrease the amount of time they spend managing uniforms and lab coats, and looking to ensure the overall safety and protection of their staff and patients.

If you own a retail medical office, or manage a healthcare or hospital facility, have you considered how a lab coat rental service can benefit you, your staff, and your budget? The first step is to compare a full-service lab coat rental program over a costly and inefficient process of laundering your own lab coats.

Time Savings – Let’s face it, healthcare managers are faced with many challenges, and laundry shouldn’t be one of them. A well-managed lab coat rental program, such as Crown’s, saves you from the risk of cross-contamination and enhances your current safe practices, giving you peace of mind and reduced administration time.

Lab Coat Rentals in Massachusetts

Implementing a dependable, hygienically clean lab coat rental service saves you time and money while eliminating risk and improving your image.

Our managed lab coat rental service provides you the time to focus on your practice

Reduce Overall Costs – The cost of dry cleaning lab coats to make sure they are cleaned to the highest standards (protecting you and your patients from blood born pathogens and bacteria) and it stays wrinkle free and pristine can get expensive week after week. When healthcare facilities use Crown Uniform & Linen, they see the savings on the unit cost of a hygienically cleaned and pressed lab coat and full-service rental program versus a dry-cleaned lab coat.

Healthcare managers find that a managed lab coat rental program such as Crown’s frees them of inventory investment and the worry about repairs or replacements. Rather than buying new lab coats year after year or with staff changes, rour new hires will have properly fitted lab coats ready to start work on their first day and feel part of your winning team.

No Investment with a Lab Coat Rental Service with Crown

Hygienically Clean – Partnering with an accredited HLAC commercial laundry (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) ensures your lab coats, uniforms, and medical linens are processed to exceed OSHA, CDC, FDA, and Joint Commission standards.

Asking yourself the key question: Is my current laundering process taking special precautions in handling, processing, and delivering my lab coats and uniforms?

Crown’s quality control team continually performs Microbial Testing to eliminate subjectivity and verify linens and garments are free of all harmful bacteria.

Professional Image –  Your reputation matters, and a professionally laundered lab coat rental service will increase your patient’s trust and boost the morale of your staff. We’ll help you choose the right lab coat, and if needed, our in-house team will take care of personalizing or branding with custom embroidery. No more having to worry about investing in lab coats and no more outsourcing your branding; our team is ready to help.

Each lab coat is bar-coded and RFID chipped to ensure that the right lab coat gets delivered to the right department on time every time. Crowns bar-coding technology ensures that your lab coats are dedicated to your practice.

Your Image is Important to Crown.

To get a free consultation on a lab coat rental program, click here. A Crown representative will reach out to you to fit your team.