Crown Uniform and Linen Announces Upgrades to Quote System for Linen Services from Boston to Springfield, Providence to Hartford and Beyond

Boston, Massachusetts – July 2, 2020. Crown Uniform and Linen, a best-in-class linen service heavily focused on healthcare and medical linen service needs throughout New England, is proud to announce online updates to its “RFP” or “Request for Proposal” system. New England businesses from Boston to Worcester, Providence to Nashua, and beyond, can visit the website and request a quote from the convenience of their phone or computer.

“Our customers live online and they reach out to us online through web form, email, and phone calls,” explained Plato Spilios, Co-President at Crown. “We live in turbulent times, and our customers really want a fast, easy way to reach out to us for quotes on new linen services. We’re seeing incredible demand especially in the healthcare industry.”Linen Service in New England including Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut

The new online system allows for an easy-to-fill-out form that is available on computers, on tablets, and on mobile phones at The new form is located on the far right and can be filled out easily. It sends a message to the Crown Uniform staff and they can then set up a more detailed meeting to learn the customer needs. Every business is unique and some require uniform rentals, some uniforms and linens, and others are just linens only. Indeed, Crown Uniform is working with Purafier (, which is a New England-based hand sanitizer manufacturer. The demand for hand sanitizer products is enormous, as in many situations this is part of new county, city, or state mandates.


Here is the background for this release. Crown Uniform has been a strong contender in the healthcare industry for many years. Doctor’s offices, dentist practices, and even large hospitals all turn to Crown Uniform for their uniform rental and linen needs. Crown has found itself to be the commercial laundry of choice for many businesses, whether in a huge city such as Boston or a smaller one such as Nashua, NH, or Portland, ME. With all that is going on in society, business owners are struggling to find the time to bid out their linen service needs. Many businesses, such as dentist offices, are now finding that they face new regulatory requirements and their demand for linen services has gone through the roof. They do not necessarily have a linen service provider, and so they turn to the Internet to find one. The new quote form allows them to easily tell Crown Uniform their needs and request an initial consultation. Crown’s helpful sales staff can then follow up for a one-on-one phone call, web meeting, or face-to-face call so that their linen service needs can be addressed. In this way, it does not matter whether the business is in Boston or Worcester, Providence RI or Nashua NH, or anywhere else in New England. Crown’s helpful staff is monitoring the new quote form on a daily basis and is ready to respond ASAP.


Crown Uniform and Linen Service is an ecofriendly/green, family-owned, best-in-class commercial linen service serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. Whether a customer is looking for the best linen service in Boston or Cambridge, Springfield or Worcester, Hartford CT or Nashua NH, Providence RI or Portland ME, or a top-rated uniform service for restaurants or food processing, medical offices or healthcare, hospitals or hotels or other commercial laundry service needs such as manufacturing or education, they should visit the website at  Crown’s commercial laundry service lets business owners focus on their business. The company even offers logo mats and mat rental services throughout New England.