Your Door Mats Must Make a Great Impression on Customers

Foodies love Providence for its globe-spanning range of culinary offerings, and the newly available vaccine has them feeling hopeful about a return to the “before times” of dining in with friends and family. Make a great impression with your door mats in Providence Rhode IslandIf you run a restaurant, you’re probably just as excited, but until restrictions are lifted, you may be making do with take-out and delivery. That means you have a lot of consumer traffic coming in and out of your establishment, and a lot of feet running over your mats.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t give floor mats much consideration. They buy one or two, put them by the door, and then forget about them. But the truth is, those doormats take a beating, especially during the winter, when customers track salt, sand, and slush in with every step.

Dealing with dirt and dust

Research shows that 80% of all dirt and dust in a building is tracked in from outside. That’s where mats come in. They’re designed to trap dirt, dust, and water before it can be spread all over your floors.

If a mat’s doing its job, it’s going to get dirty. And vacuuming only removes about 10% of the dirt and dust. Doormats are the first thing your customers see when they arrive at your restaurant. If your mats are dirty, it sends a message about the cleanliness of the rest of your establishment. Clean, well-maintained mats send the opposite message, letting your customers (and employees) know that you take cleanliness seriously.

Choose professional service for the best results

If vacuuming isn’t enough, how do you ensure that your mats give the right first impression? You need a professional laundering service. This is where Crown Uniform and Linen’s commercial mat service in Providence, Rhode Island comes in. We can help you make an excellent first impression from the moment your customer first steps into your restaurant. Our commercial mat service for Providence, Rhode Island, will ensure that you have mats that look as good as new all the time.

Crown carries commercial-grade mats in a wide range of sizes and colors, and you can even customize them with your logo. With our mat service, we pick up your dirty mats on a regular schedule, replacing them with impeccably clean ones.
As more and more restaurants open their doors to the public over the coming months, make sure your business stands out in the crowd. Start fresh with commercial mat service from Crown Linen.