Winter’s Coming to New England, and That Means You Need Mats

Another New England winter is on its way, bringing snow, ice, sleet — and lots of salt and sand to keep slipping and sliding to a minimum. If you don’t want your customers tracking everything into your premises, you need door mats.commercial mat service

Surprisingly, many businesses overlook the importance of mats, but they’re the first line of protection for any business. Any time it rains or snows, your customers bring dirt and water into your premises on their shoes. A door mat — also called an “entry mat,” helps remove that dirt and water, keeping your floors cleaner and drier. And, surveys show that 42% of consumers judge the cleanliness of a business based on its floors.

Prevent Slips And Falls with a Commercial Mat Service

But, mats aren’t just for keeping your floors looking good. They’re also an essential safety measure for preventing slips and falls. Without mats, wet shoes quickly turn your floors into a safety hazard. Whether a fall results in a few bruises or a trip to the ER, it can leave you open to personal injury suits or workman’s compensation claims. In fact, one-third of all at-work injuries are the result of slips and falls!

Slip-and-fall lawsuits are a favorite of lawsuits and litigation. Lawyers are only too happy to offer their services for free and take a percentage of the payout. Why? Because they’re highly likely to win — especially if they can prove that you were negligent. You can protect yourself by providing clean, dry, high-quality mats at all your entry points. Without them, you might end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Floor Mats Protect Your Customers, Your Employees, and You

Crown Uniform & Linen’s commercial mat service ensures that you always have clean, high-quality mats that look great and keep your floors sparkling — and safe. We have a range of customizable mats, including a skid-resistant, outdoor scraper mat that collects dirt and debris and prevents it from being tracked inside.

With our commercial mat service, you get mats you can customize with a welcome message or logo, plus regular collection and deep cleaning. If you want to make a great first impression on your visitors, entry mats are a perfect place to start.