Winter Weather Tips for Business Owners

Winter brings on a list of potential worries or issues that a business owner could face, and now is the time to prepare. Consider the resources it will take this winter when it comes to keeping your staff healthy, keeping your facilities clean and dry from the winter weather and keeping your business open through the icy winter weather.

There are several ways to think ahead and limit the money, effort and resources lost because of winter weather. Crown provides our customers access to ice melt and floor care that keeps staff, healthcare patients, and customers safe inside and outside their businesses.

Prepare for winter with ice melt now, so you don’t have to worry later.

Now is the right time of year to purchase ice melt as you may be able to find special fall pricing while the temperatures start to drop. Look for brands with EcoSmart technology, which is less corrosive and has less bounce and scatter. Less bounce and scatter in your ice melt means you will apply fewer chlorides to the sidewalk, making it safer for the environment compared to rock salt or calcium chloride.  

When the snow, ice, and wintery weather falls around New England, Crown’s customers depend on our ice melt program to complement their current services and reduce slip and fall injuries.

Tips for keeping your walkways free from slippery ice:

  • Pre-treat and reduce icy and slippery conditions
  • Keep ice melt in a container close to your entrance door
  • Pay attention to areas that don’t receive sun and reapply


You should apply ice melt before the precipitation starts to freeze or after cleaning and shoveling snow and slush from walkways.

Remember, excessive ice melt won’t melt snow and ice any faster

Use a high-quality scraper mat outside to clean off footwear before entering.

Scraper mats are available with Crown’s floor protection service. Implementing a three mat program to include a scraper mat, a brush mat, and a plush mat will significantly increase your flooring protection and safety procedures. 

How does Crown’s Ice Melt Program Work?

Crown’s ice melt delivery program is an added benefit to our customers; orders can be placed in advance by speaking to your route service representative or contacting our team of service coordinators by phone or email.

Ice Melt will be delivered on schedule with your standard delivery and be there when you need it the most.

There are no hassles and no need to spend time sourcing ice melt; you won’t have to worry about supply chain delays with Crown Uniform & Linen Ice Melt service.

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Crown Uniform and Linen offers its Ice Melt Service to customers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and New York. This service provides additional added protection to slip and fall injuries and complements other current safety programs in place