Winter Toolkit From Crown

How do you keep your floors safe from slippery snow tracks? How do you keep accidents from happening as patrons come and go from your business? A snowy, wet winter can lead to wet, mucky floors – making it not only an unpleasant first impression but also a dangerous hazard that increases risk. Hopefully, you have a vendor or partner that provides you with solutions to help survive the long winter months (particularly in the North East!).


What you will need to keep your facility clean, safe, and presentable for your customers is a Winter Toolkit. We’ve created a checklist to get you through the cold, wet winter months. If you need to add these items to your toolkit, contact a Crown representative ASAP to get you started.

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Winter Toolkit Checklist

1. Mat Rental Service

Entry mats help protect your customers and employees from slip and fall, keep your entryway dry and clean, as well as give your space an elevated first impression free of puddles and dirt. Not only should you invest in commercial-grade mats, but also commercial mat service from Crown Uniform & Linen. Floor mat service keeps your mats looking clean and brand new, and minimizes janitorial time and costs. You’ll also notice a longer life-span and lasting floor quality – which is especially critical if you have hardwood floors throughout your building. Crown will come to your facility and fit your building for the correct mats – making sure you have the right sizes and mats for entryways, hallways, and high-traffic areas.

Click here for more information about Crown’s Mat and Floor Care Solutions.

2. Floor Mops

From microfiber mops and towels, to dry mops and wet mops – you’ll want some back up if you have a particularly wet or snowy day in the forecast. If you want to reduce janitorial and flooring maintenance costs, you’ll want some type of floor care solution in your winter toolkit. Crown’s mop rental service is a low cost solution, maintaining high traffic areas while keeping the mopheads fresh and Hygienically Clean.

3. Ice Melt


Don’t forget about the outside of your building! Yes, you may need a snow shovel if you maintain that yourself (as most small business owners do!) but you will also need to stock up on ice melt. Skip the line at the hardware store and lugging 50 lb bags of ice melt from place to place and order your ice melt from an existing vendor like Crown Uniform & Linen. Crown provides ice melt to customers weekly service as winter approaches every year. You can order ice melt now here.

We are already two feet into winter this year, so make sure you have everything in your toolkit you need to keep your business safe, as well as your floors and presentation at the highest level of quality. Contact us to set up a consultation to set up your Winter Toolkit.