Why Are More Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Choosing Reusable Exam Gowns?

Why are more hospitals and healthcare facilities choosing reusable exam gowns over disposable exam gowns?

The primary focus of hospital and healthcare administrators is patient safety and care. When you are in a doctor’s office, or preparing to go into a life-changing (or even minor) surgery, your comfort is extremely important. Imagine sitting in an exam room with a disposable paper gown;  vulnerable and anxious, being uncomfortable makes that experience even less ideal. This is why many hospitals and healthcare facilities choose reusable gowns, laundered by a Healthcare certified laundry facility.

Choosing a full-service exam gown rental program keeps your patient’s safety at the forefront while lessening the environmental impact and, at the same time, reducing often-overlooked costs associated with disposable exam gowns and other disposable healthcare PPE.

Benefits of Reusable Exam Gowns

One of the significant factors why most doctors, nurses, and administrative staff choose a sustainable solution to disposable patient gowns is patient satisfaction. Aside from the sustainability benefits, patients feel most comfortable in a hygienically clean and comfortable exam gown.

✓ Reduce Patient Stress

✓ Increase Patient Referrals

✓ Increase Image

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities are making great strides in reducing their carbon footprint. These same hospitals and healthcare facilities are driving down costs by benefiting from the durability and sustainability of a reusable exam gown and other reusable PPE products such as lab coats and isolation gowns.

✓ Eliminate Inventory Management Costs

✓ Eliminate Shipping Costs

✓ Reduce Disposal Costs

✓ Increase Stoarge Space

✓ Decrease Labor Costs

According to reports, hospitals in the United States produce approximately 6 million tons of waste each year. Opting for a full-service commercial healthcare laundry solution for your reusable patient gowns will help create less waste, reduce fuel consumption, and help your office and facility do their part for a safer and greener planet.

✓ Reduce Environmental Impact

✓ Decrease Disposal Costs

✓ Contributes to Reduced Energy Consumption

How do you choose a reusable exam gown provider?

Your first step is finding an HLAC Accredited and TRSA Hygienically Clean Certified commercial healthcare laundry such as Crown Uniform and Linen. Not all laundries are created equal when it comes to the necessary processes and procedures to keep your patients and staff comfortable, protected, and safe.

Ensure your full-service provider has sales and route service personnel trained and certified in HIPPA and cross-contamination, bloodborne pathogens, as well as sharps training.

Choose a provider that parallels your values for a green environment; Crown contributes to our client’s sustainable programs and has set an example within our own industry for Green Purchasing, Green Transporation, Waste Management, Water Conversation & Management and Energy Efficiency.

For more information about Crown’s reusable full-service rental programs, contact us today.