Who Would Ever Think of Renting Mats for a Business

Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, if you run a business in Portland, Maine, you need mats. This is especially true if you have customers, clients, or patients coming in and out of your premises. It’s smart to rent mats for your business

Mats may seem like a no brainer for wet and snowy winter months, but they’re just as important in the good old summertime. When foot traffic picks up, your customers will be tracking in dirt from outside. Having mats at your front door can trap it before it goes any further.

How do you deal with the dirt?

While many business owners understand the need for mats, they may not realize that they can’t just buy them, throw them down at the front door, and call it a day. Mats may be made to absorb dirt and water, but they can quickly get overloaded, especially in winter. 

Unfortunately, those overloaded mats aren’t effective. Your customers may still track dirt and water into your premises — even if they make an effort to wipe their feet! Furthermore, dirty mats create a really bad first impression. 

How dangerous are poorly maintained mats?

Your hardworking mats take a lot of abuse. They pick up dirt, mud, sleet, and snow, day after day, month after month. Over time, they can get worn down and torn. That’s when your helpful mats become a harmful trip hazard.

Trips, slips and falls can end up costing your business huge amounts of money in compensation for injuries. If a court decides you’ve been negligent by not providing mats — or leaving them in bad condition — you may end up paying a hefty settlement that won’t be covered by insurance. 

 Why not leave the worry to us?

These are just some of the reasons that smart business owners use our commercial mat rental service in Portland, ME. We’re the instant solution to all your mat problems!  

  • You get smart looking door mats customized with your logo to give your customers a great first impression.
  • We collect your dirty mats regularly and replace them with clean ones.
  • We monitor your mats for wear and tear, so you never have to worry about slip, trip, and fall risks.

When you use our commercial mat service in Portland, ME, you really can forget about mats once and for all. With clean, great-looking mats you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors.