When You Run a Doctors’ Office You Need Reliable Linen Services

Doctor’s offices are often betwixt and between. They’re not as big as a hospital but bigger than just a single doctor. Doctors’ offices need a linen service that they can rely onThey need linen services that do healthcare linens and uniforms, but also a local company that is small enough to care. That would be us at Crown Uniform and Linen, providing a doctors’ linen service in NH, MA, RI, and CT.

Let’s face it: when you are a doctor and running a practice, you only earn money when you are seeing patients. That is what you trained to do, and it is what you want to do. You don’t want to be up to your elbows in admin, and you certainly don’t want to have to worry about whether your receptionists and nurses’ uniforms will turn up when they are needed, and have to start making phone calls and sending emails to find out why they haven’t arrived and when they will. That should just happen automatically.

We Agree With You

This is the way that we work at Crown Uniform and Linen. We agree with you entirely. In fact, we would almost go a step further and say that you shouldn’t even really notice that we are there at all. Your linens and uniforms should simply just “happen”. They arrive on the correct day at the right time, and a member of your staff puts them away and at the same time hands over the dirty items to our driver and they disappear – only to turn up clean and fresh the following week, or however often you require them. That is all you need from a doctors’ linen service in NH, MA, RI, and CT. Nothing more, yet nothing less. That lets you carry on seeing your patients without any worries.

At Crown Uniform and Linen, we have been supplying fresh uniforms and linens to businesses of all types in New England for over 100 years, and especially to the medical sector, which has a great requirement. But the point is that we are not one of the big nationals with directors a thousand miles away who spend most of their time out on the golf course. We are still a family-run firm and we maintain the same values that we have been brought up with since 1914 when our forefathers delivered coats and aprons to the restaurant businesses in Boston in a horse and cart. During WWII and the Korean War, we manufactured garments for the US Navy.

So we have a long history of serving customers in New England, and in particular providing a doctors’ linen service in NH, MA, RI, and CT. We will be delighted to do the same for your medical practice.