When It Comes to Medical Linens, DIY Is a Don’t!

When you think about what a hospital or medical office needs to stay in business, your mind may naturally go toward tongue depressors, stethoscopes, or specialized equipment. You may not think about sheets, blankets, and towels. Or lab coats, scrubs, and patient garments. Yet, medical linens play a key role in the healthcare industry.Save money and hassle by outsourcing your medical linen needs to a commercial linen service.

When you operate any sort of medical (or dental) practice, you need a lot of linens, and you may need uniforms for staff members and garments for patients. Of course, these linens must be laundered to meet health and safety regulations — and to ensure that patient-facing staff look clean and professional. Fortunately, we’re here to help – from Massachusetts cities like Boston to New Hampshire cities like Nashua, and even to Brattleboro in Vermont. We dominate New England when it comes to medical linen services.

Why DIY when commercial linen service is available?

You can handle your linens in one of two ways. First, you can buy them yourself and clean them yourself — if your facility is large enough to have its own laundry and can afford the expense. Or, you could outsource your medical linen needs.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of outsourcing:
#1. If you use Crown’s commercial linen service in New Hampshire, there’s no initial outlay for linens and uniforms. That’s because we provide them for you. And we can even customize them with your facility’s name and logo.

#2. We do all the work! Every week, we collect your dirty linens and deliver a fresh batch of clean, fresh ones. We come on the same day at the same time. And we’re so reliable, some of our customers say they can set their watch by us!

Instead of spending time and energy dealing with laundry, you can leave it all to us. And if your linens ever need repairs, we handle them automatically — or replace the item if it’s beyond repair — all for a fixed price that helps you budget easily.

#3. We have cleanliness down to a science. With over 100 years of commercial laundry experience, we have proven expertise in medical linen safety. We launder your linens to the very highest standards and use bacteriological testing when handling linens that may have been exposed to bloodborne pathogens or other infectious materials.

If you’d like to learn more about our commercial linen service for New Hampshire, one of our expert reps can give you a call at a convenient time to find out what you need and answer your questions. Our staff is happy to give you a customized quote.