What to look for in First Aid Service

Did you know that OSHA requires specific first aid supplies to be readily available in case of an
emergency at your place of work? Depending on the type of business you own, you could be
required to have specific supplies such as eye wash kits, body fluid kits or special treatments for
burns. You may be able to find a basic First Aid Kit to purchase but answer for yourself the
following questions to ensure that solution is adequate for the safety of your business.

1. How often will you need to monitor and replace inventory of bandages, supplies and

Keep in mind, that everything has an expiration date, and expired medication does you no
good in an emergency. First Aid Service is a great alternative if inventory management
seems like a task you don’t have time for or are worried about. You will want to ask your
First Aid Service providers about their inventory management solutions. Look for
someone who has easy scanning technology so that for every service date, you can
guarantee to have a fully stocked First Aid.

2. Will your kit be easily accessible and stay organized so that in the case that someone
needs supplies quickly (which is almost always the case), he or she is able to find what
they need efficiently?

First Aid kits can become very disorganized and cluttered very quickly. To avoid a mess,
First Aid Service providers with clean and organized methods is a great solution. Be
cautious of providers who offer kits with an excess amount of product. Keep it simple
and choose a service that gives you the exact amount you might need and then restocks

3. Do you own a restaurant or food service business? Do you work at a manufacturing
plant? Take note as to what is required and make sure that your kit or First Aid provider
includes everything you may need.

It’s best to find a First Aid Service that will offer everything you need with your service
as a one-stop shop. This could include AED, burn gel, blue bandages, or other OSHA
requirements. Beware of add-ons that could lead to monthly service costs of hundreds
of dollars. A First Aid Service customized with injury-specific modules for your business
should be within reach.

Does Crown currently offer First Aid Service? We are building a program that will fit the exact
needs of a Crown customer and are excited to be able to offer this to our customers later this