Three Reasons Why Your New England Healthcare Facility or Medical Practice Should Switch to Reusable Patient Gowns

Not only do reusable patient gowns increase patient comfort, Crown will manage your custom program while reducing waste and providing a cost-effective solution to costly disposable products.

Consistent Inventory Control: Let us worry about your inventory – managing account-based bar-coded programs is our specialty. Partnering with Crown Uniform and Linen will provide your healthcare facility or medical practice with a consistent inventory of reusable patient gowns week in and week out. Our experienced team members have the industry knowledge and experience to assist you in building and maintaining a manageable solution for your exam gown and reusable patient gown inventory.

All patient gowns are monitored and tracked through our bar-coded, account-specific program. This inventory management system ensures that all your reusable patient gowns are account-specific, hygienically laundered, and returned to you clean and fresh. Helping you is what we do best; this account-specific bar-coding provides us with the ability to track and report what you have used and will need to keep your practice running uniform service in Boston, Providence, Nashua and other New England cities.

“Crown has provided us with options so we can keep our patients happy. We aren’t in the linen business, and the idea of having a vendor like Crown is so that we don’t have to worry about linen. They take care of it!” Siobhan Reynolds – executive Director of Clinical Operations at RIMI

Contact Crown today to see how we can help you manage your inventory, increase comfort and enhance your safe practices.

  1. Sustainability: Crown mission is to be the most sustainable commercial laundry in the industry.

Although during the height of the pandemic the supply chains weakened to meet demand, the overwhelming effect of this massive influx of disposable patient gowns is yet to be fully recognized. One thing is for certain, healthcare facilities that recognized the cost and sustainability benefits of reusable patient gowns will maintain adequate inventory levels to meet increasing patient demands. Choosing an environmentally conscious partner such as Crown lessens your waste and reduces the impact on the environment.

Crown’s reusable patient gowns showcase our commitment to a green initiative for a better and more sustainable use of our natural resources.

  • Water Filtration
  • Water Conversation
  • Rain Water Collection
  • Recycling Program
  • Reusable within our workplace
  • Polybag Re-Use & Recycling
  • Green Purchasing Initiatives
  • Green Eco-Friendly Transportation
  • Solar Panels
  • Heat reclamation
  • Efficient & Upgraded Lighting
  • Patient Satisfaction
  1. Hygienically Clean Linens: We are HLAC and Hygienically Clean certified, ensuring your patient wear will be free from any harmful bacteria.

Crown Uniform and Linen prides itself on our state-of-the-art commercial healthcare laundry facility. When it comes to providing medical practices and healthcare facilities in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Crown has set the standard for providing the most dependable, hygienically clean reusable patient gowns available.

Our commitment starts with our HLAC accreditation; this accreditation ensures our reusable patient gowns are processed and handled with the highest level of precaution and care. HLAC is a non-profit organization that evaluates our wash process and our safe handling protocols, facilities, and distribution best practices.

Our TRSA Hygienically Clean certification is a double level of protection. Combining our HLAC accreditation and our TRSA Hygienically Clean certification, healthcare practices managers know they can trust Crown. Crown’s commitment is to provide the highest level of service and cleanliness while following safe practices and cross-contamination risk.