There Is Now an Increased Demand for Linens Because of COVID-19

Covid-19 has resulted in a much bigger demand for fresh uniforms and linens in many businesses and professions, one of which is dentists. An increased demand for linens from dentists in MassachusettsAt Crown Uniform & Linen we provide a linen service for dentists throughout New England and we are a big enough company to keep up with the demand. If you are having problems obtaining the linens that you need as a dentist, then we can help you. We’re known as THE linen service for healthcare in Masschusetts and other New England states.

The medical experience of a patient begins the moment that the patient walks through your office door. It is essential to create an air of efficiency, friendliness, and cleanliness, with your office staff wearing suitable uniforms and you and your nurses also. We offer a range of top-quality lab coats that can be embroidered with the logo of your office and the name of each staff member. These are delivered every week, cleaned to the highest standards in the industry, and fully pressed and polybagged.

Our linen service for dentists also includes scrubs that are available in a choice of styles, colors, and sizes, and customized to fit each staff member so that your team presents a look that is professional and efficient. These are manufactured by top range brands such as Fashion Seal and Medline.

A Wide Choice Of Patient Gowns

We also offer a wide choice of patient gowns, again in a selection of different styles and colors, all of which are designed to protect the patients and keep them comfortable. Our patient gowns keep your patients safe from the spread of dangerous infections, as our laundering system ensures that every gown is perfectly clean. Our uniform rental service means that you will get regular weekly pickup and delivery so that you are never short of anything, and not only do you get unbeatable laundering and pressing, but also automatic repairs and replacements, and all of this comes with no cost upfront.

We ensure strict hygienic cleaning standards at our facility in Brockton, Massachusetts, and we use a methodical approach and include bacteriological testing when handling and laundering linens that may have been exposed to blood-borne pathogens. This makes certain that your office will always at the very least meet, and usually exceed regulatory rules.

Our linen service for dentists is available wherever you are based, whether in Boston, Providence, Hartford, Worcester, Springfield, New Haven, or anyone of the many other smaller cities in New England.

When you run a dentist’s office, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is whether or not your linens and uniforms will arrive when they should. So no matter what else happens we make certain that you will always have them to hand. You can set your watch for our deliveries.