Springfield Mass Businesses Who Need Uniforms and Linens Come to Crown

Springfield, Massachusetts is not a huge city, with a population of just over 150,000. It is one of the crown jewels of New England and has many businesses that need uniforms and linens in the course of their daily activities.

Naturally, at Crown Uniform and Linen we deal with a lot of hospitals and doctors’ offices. When you run any sort of medical Linen Service in Massachusettspractice it is critical to ensure that patients are impressed from the moment they step into your office. That means clean and bright-looking uniforms for you and your staff, and at Crown Uniform and Linen our Springfield, Mass, linen service can provide uniforms to your own requirements including, of course, your logo if you wish.

We can provide you with scrubs in a range of different colors and styles from top manufacturers such as Medline and Fashion Seal. All are customized to fit your staff so that they look professional and feel comfortable at the same time.

We can also provide ISO gowns that are of top-quality fabric and are, of course, reusable. Post Covid-19 we are all trying to figure out things as we go, and re-usable ISO gowns are part of the answer for a medical practice. Disposable ISO gowns are expensive and bad for the environment, but ours are the opposite. We can deliver and collect ISO gowns to your office or hospital with our Springfield, Mass, linen service.

When you use our uniform and linen rental service, we can also supply you with patient wear. Our laundering service is second to none and will ensure that the spread of dangerous infections is prevented. Our uniform rental service means that you have no upfront costs whatsoever, and we pick up and deliver weekly with our Springfield, Mass, linen service. Everything is professionally laundered and pressed, and repairs carried out automatically if needed. We have a wide choice of styles and colors of patient wear from which you can choose.

In addition, we can offer you a choice of high-quality lab coats in various different styles. They can also be embroidered with your business name and logo if you wish.

Our laundry is as environmentally friendly as it can be. For instance, we have installed a rainwater collection system so that we can purify and heat rainwater for cleaning purposes. One inch of rain provides about 52,000 gallons of water. We are also one of the few laundries in Massachusetts to use the Norchem Ceramic Filtration system which enables us to purify and re-use wastewater which will reduce our water consumption by nearly 4,700,000 gallons each year.

So when you use Crown for your linen and uniforms in Springfield, Mass, you are taking care of the planet as well as enjoying unparalleled service.