Running an Essential Business? You Need a Commercial Laundry Service that Can Cope

Many of our industrial and factory clients often need commercial laundry service. That is one that can handle the volumes of employee uniforms, towels, linens, and other cloth-based products that need cleaning on a regular basis. This is all the more true during the current pandemic and outbreak.Commercial laundry service

That is what we provide at Crown Uniform and Linen Services. The fact is that, whatever type of business you run, if it requires the use of uniforms and linens it needs a commercial laundry service. If you can’t get your linens and uniforms cleaned and delivered on time, your business is going to come to a stop. That applies whether you run a huge factory or a small restaurant.

Suppose you do run a factory. If your employees need to wear coats and aprons for food processing and they are not there ready to wear one morning, you can’t process any food. Suppose you’re in another essential business like a hospital, doctor’s office, or medical office. You need a linen service that can deliver reliable employee uniforms and other linens and comply with all government regulations during the Coronavirus pandemic. We can do that.

You Need A Laundry Service That Can Handle Volume

This is why you not only need a commercial laundry service, but you need a big one that can handle the volume. At Crown, we have the same problems that other businesses have: people go sick; they take holidays (gasp); their dog has got lost and they take the day off to look for him. Yes, we get exactly the same sort of issues as other businesses get, but it’s no good our turning round to you and telling you that we are sorry your linens are not ready, but three of our staff went down with flu!

We have to cope because if we don’t, your business won’t be able to operate. With our main plant centrally located in Brockton, Massachusetts, we service all of Massachusetts – Springfield, Worcester, Boston, Cambridge, etc. If you’re a medical office or healthcare clinic in Massachusetts, we can help you. We also service New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Providence Rhode Island – again with a focus on “essential businesses,” especially medical.

Fortunately, we are a big service. OK, not as big as Aramark, but then we are not as impersonal either. We know our clients and we know what they need, so we make certain that we provide it. If that means that we have to work late, or – heaven for fend! – one of our directors has to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in, then that’s what happens. We are a family business, after all, even though a fairly big one.

As far as you are concerned, we should run silently in the background. All you want is your linens and uniforms delivered on time every time, and that is what happens. If your current linen service is offline during the crisis, call Crown Linen today. We’re hard at work for essential and emergency businesses that need to stay up and running, despite COVID-19.