Rhode Island Is Not Large, but Still Has Many Fine Hospitals (that Need Linen Services)

Rhode Island is not a very large state. Actually, it is the smallest of our states, measuring only 48 miles by 37 miles and its total boundary being 160 miles. We supply many Rhode Island hospitals with linensIn fact, you could fit Rhode Island into Alaska nearly 486 times!

Small it may be, but Rhode Island does actually have some very fine hospitals, and at Crown Uniform & Linen we should know because we supply a lot of them with their needs for Rhode Island hospital linen services.

We are a family operated business and have been here for over 100 years, and we are currently run by the founder’s grandson and two great-grandsons. We are based in Brockton, Massachusetts, and have facilities in New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. We rent and supply a huge range of top-quality clothing, linens, mats, mops, towels, and more, that are designed to help hospitals, doctors offices, dentists, the food sector, education, and manufacturing industries operate to the highest standards of hygiene and provide their patients or customers with the right impression every time. Our Rhode Island hospital linen services are only one of the many sectors that we supply.

The Very Latest Systems And Technology

When you rent your linens and uniforms from us, You can be confident that we use only the very latest systems and technology, as we continually invest in order to ensure that we are always one step ahead of the competition. This means that if you are using our Rhode Island hospital linen services, for example, you are safe in the knowledge that we use systems to test for pathogens in order to ensure that your linens and uniforms not only achieve but exceed regulatory requirements.

We are also 100% reliable. We carry out pickup and delivery every week and we make certain that we don’t miss. When you run a medical facility, a restaurant, a food manufacturing plant, or any other sort of business, the last thing that you need to have on your mind is whether or not your linens will arrive on time. Our view is, and has always been, that we should operate in the background and that you should hardly even know that we are here. Your linens and uniforms simply “arrive” when they should arrive.

We are also extremely environmentally friendly, to the extent that we have a system for re-using our water and one for collecting rainwater. Overall, we calculate that we will save over 4,680,000 gallons of water each year. We also have solar panels installed in order to produce as much of our own energy as we can.

At Crown Uniform & Linen we service the whole of New England, so for the best service that you can get, call us.