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  • Stops germs and dirt at the door
  • Visibly improves the cleanliness and image of your building
  • Reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents, protecting your bottom line
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Why Mats Matter for Safety

Implementing a floor mat exchange program improves the safety of your workplace and business and reduces the liability of slip and fall injuries due to slippery or wet flooring. Crown’s industrial mat rental program retains water, stops dirt in its tracks, and is a low-cost investment to save from costly litigation of slip and fall injuries.

A clean, dry floor is a safe floor, and our floor mat experts will guide you through the process of pointing out high-risk zones within your business and providing a solution.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute – “Compensation & medical costs associated with employee slip/fall accidents is approximately $70 billion annually.”

A mat rental program will not only improve the safety of your business but also save you on janitorial costs and reduce the time spent on maintaining your flooring.

What Mats Say About Your Image

Take the first step in making a good impression, and you may never get a second chance if your customers are greeted by a wet and dirty floor or an inferior mat at your entrance. A crisp, clean entrance with a well-maintained industrial floor mat displays your pride in your business.

Branded and customized logo mats are a great way to get brand recognition in the first five seconds of a customer entering your business. Our representatives will work with you to select the proper size branded floor mat and digitize your artwork to put your logo to work for you.

Choosing the Right Floor Mat

Our floor mat experts will provide you with an onsite consultation highlighting critical zones and offering a solution to eliminating risk.

  • Industrial Floor Mats – Our industrial mats capture dirt and grime, keeping your floors clean and dry while reducing janitorial costs saving you time and money. Our program includes a variety of sizes and colors with multiple service scheduling options.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats – Our anti-fatigue mats help improve your workplace and reduce strains on workers standing for long periods. These mats are perfect for behind counters, cash registers, and manufacturing workstations.
  • Scraper Mat – Crown’s scraper mat rental program will be your first line of defense in keeping heavy soil out of your workplace. The best placement for a scraper mat would be just outside the entrance of your building, where it can trap water and dirt before it hits your floors. 

Read More about how to choose the right floor mat.

Crown’s quality commercial floor mats and floor care service ensures your mats continue to look their best and protect your business (and customers) year-round.

Complete Floor Care Solutions

Perhaps you are looking to reduce janitorial and flooring maintenance/replacement costs. At Crown you will find a complete floor care solution that includes an exchange program for wet mops, dry mops, and microfiber mops and towel programs.

Crown Uniform and Linen mop rental service is a low-cost solution to extend the life of your flooring and maintain those high traffic areas prone to wet, slippery surfaces – another tool to limit slip and fall accidents and unwanted costly expenses.

Wet Mop

Available in various weights and provides a clean solution to a quick cleanup or spill or offer a valuable tool to the overall building maintenance / janitorial program.

Dry Mop

Available in various sizes to meet your flooring needs, keeping your traffic areas dust and dirt-free. Also, when complimenting a mat and wet mop program a dry mop rental service will keep away unwanted dirt and grit that contributes to deteriorating your floor’s finish.


Increase efficiency, eliminate harmful bacteria, and reduce dust and dirt where a clean solution is needed. Microfiber is highly effective at removing bacteria and liquid absorption.