Portland Is Not a Big City but Has a Lot of Demand for Commercial Laundry Services

If you are lucky enough to visit Portland, Maine, you will find that it is a beautiful city, if not exactly the largest in the US. With a population of only 66,000, it is, nonetheless the largest in Maine. Portland needs a lot of commercial laundryTourism is a major part of the city’s income, and there are lots of restaurants, hotels, B&B’s and so on. This means that there is heavy demand for a Portland, Maine, commercial laundry because all those tourists do generate a lot of laundries!

Fortunately, at Crown Uniform & Linen Service, we supply many of the tourist outlets in Portland with all of the linens and uniforms that they need from our nearest service center in Nashua, NH. When you run a hotel, B&B, restaurant, casino, or more, the very last thing that you need to have to worry about is your linens and uniforms. You have quite enough to keep you busy without wondering whether your tablecloths and napkins are going to arrive on time.

We Use Cutting Edge Technology

Our Portland, Maine commercial laundry service uses cutting edge technology in order to ensure that your weekly delivery of linens, towels, employee uniforms, scrubs, or whatever else you need in your business, is there on time every time, with no shortages. We know that it is essential for your business to operate smoothly: after all, if you run a restaurant, for example, you can’t open if you don’t have clean tablecloths and napkins. So our Portland, Maine commercial laundry service is critical to the profitability of your business.

We never forget that, because we have too much respect for our customers. Furthermore, we are also only too keenly aware that if we were ever to let you down with your linens and uniforms you would simply take your business elsewhere – and quite right too.

This is why we use the latest technology in order to ensure that we can deliver on time. That is not to say that we never experience a problem. We are like any business, and from time to time things can go awry. However, we always take the view that any problem that we have is our problem, not your problem: indeed as far as we are concerned you should never even be aware that we have had a problem. It is nothing to do with you, and that’s quite right too.

All you want from your Portland, Maine, commercial laundry service is everything delivered on time, every time, with no excuses, and we make certain that you get exactly that.