Outsourcing Your Lab Coats Rental Needs in Boston & Cambridge Is a Smart Choice

Massachusetts, in general, and Boston, in particular, is home to the biotech industry. From Universities like Harvard or MIT to biotech companies in and around Boston, the biotechnology industry makes Boston the “Silicon Valley” of New England. Outsource your Boston lab coats needsMany employees wear those proverbial white “lab coats” both for image and protection.

Of course, when you need to wear lab coats in the course of your daily work, those lab coats need laundering, and that is something that most universities and biotech industries don’t want to do themselves. The best option would be not to just find a laundry, but rather rent lab coats and other linen and apparel from a professional uniform rental service.

This is why so many people come to us at Crown Uniform and Linen Service for lab coat rentals in Boston, Cambridge, and other cities in Massachusetts. Just to begin with, you don’t have to invest any money in purchasing lab coats because you don’t own them: we do. We buy them for you and rent them to you providing you with a very cost-effective solution.

You don’t have to worry about laundering them because we pick them up from you once a week, and we deliver your fresh lab coats all hygienically clean at the same time. Not only that, but if you wish, you can have your lab coats embroidered with your logo, an individual’s name, or any other branding that you wish with our lab coat rentals in Boston, MA.

Accidents Can Happen

In addition to that, we understand only too well that, in labs, accidents can happen. You are often experimenting, after all. Not to worry. We have special techniques for handling lab coats and any other linens that may have been contaminated, these lab coats will go through special processes to ensure that they are cleaned to the very highest standards. When you get them back the following week they will look and feel just like new.

That is, of course, if they have not been damaged beyond repair. If they can be repaired, we repair them. If they cannot be repaired, we simply replace them with new ones included in our lab coat rental service. What you can be assured of is that you won’t ever have to worry about lab coats ever again because they will always be there when you need them.

Not only that, but we fully understand that for universities, colleges, and biotech workers to do their work well, they must be comfortable and safe at all times. We ensure this by providing a wide choice of uniforms, linens, and PPE to minimize hazards, and we provide custom fittings for every employee.