Outsourcing Your Hospital Linen Needs Saves You Time and Money

Here in New England, we’re lucky to have a wide range of hospital options, from huge medical centers like Mass General in Boston, to smaller, local hospitals in communities like Worcester, Mass or Nashua, NH. Hospital Linen Service

Regardless of their size, these medical facilities have one important thing in common — their need for medical linens and uniforms. They can’t operate without a constant supply of clean and fresh

  • Uniforms
  • Scrubs
  • Lab coats
  • Patient wear
  • Bed linens & towels
  • Drape sheets
  • Underpads

These items add up to thousands of pounds of laundry per day. That’s why smart operators outsource their hospital linen service needs to us at Crown Uniform & Linen.

Take a load off

Some hospitals still choose to manage their laundry in-house, but this can cause a number of issues. 

  1. They must ensure that all linens are cleaned to the very highest standards. 
  2. Their laundry equipment needs regular maintenance and system upgrades in order to meet those stringent standards. 
  3. They have to hire, train, and manage an entire crew of laundry staff.

That’s a lot to worry about on top of the other work involved in running a hospital. But, what if you could outsource that work and worry to a company that offered the latest equipment, impeccable service, and strict adherence to regulatory guidelines? Many New England hospitals choose to outsource their medical linen needs to Crown Uniform and Linen for those reasons and more.

Save time, money, and the planet

At Crown we believe we have a responsibility to protect the environment, and our sustainable practices reflect that belief:

Using the power of the sun: Solar panels provide 1/3 of the electricity we need for our hospital linen service.

Taking less from the tap: Our rainwater collection system collects and cleans rainwater, allowing us to use less from the tap. Just one inch of rain gives us over 52,000 gallons of water.

Recycling & reusing: Crown uses a Norchem Ceramic Filtration System to clean and recycle the water from our wash cycles. This reduces our annual water consumption by nearly 4.7 million gallons.

Making small changes: Instead of using disposable coffee cups, every member of our team has their own reusable mug.

 Make the smarter choice for your hospital

As you can see, there are many benefits to utilizing Crown’s hospital linen service. You reduce your staffing needs. You spend less on repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. And you do your part to help the Earth. Sounds like a win-win to us!