Outsourcing Is the Smart Way to Handle Commercial Laundry

Massachusetts businesses are beginning to spring back after the pandemic. We still have a long way to go, but it looks like vaccines will be available within the next few weeks.Outsource your commercial laundry in Massachusetts
During lockdown, many businesses scaled back their workforces. Restaurants who pivoted to take-out only had no need for linens and less need for garments like aprons and chef’s coats. But as businesses reboot and start clawing back some of the losses they’ve incurred over the last few months, their commercial laundry needs have grown.

Businesses like medical offices, dentists, restaurants, food suppliers, hotels, casinos, and auto repair shops need uniforms and linens. In the past, some hotels, medical offices, and hospitals have taken care of their laundry needs in house. But, outsourcing is a smarter way to deal with commercial laundry in Massachusetts.

Why outsource your commercial laundry?

There are many good reasons to take advantage of Crown Uniform and Linen’s commercial laundry service in Massachusetts.

  1. We can handle all your uniform and linen needs.
  2. You’ll get your uniforms and linens on time every time.
  3. You won’t have to hire or manage laundry staff — or worry that your laundry won’t get done if someone calls in sick.
  4. We know you rely on us, and we’ll never let you down, no matter what happens.

Leave the uniforms and linens to us!

No matter what type of business you have, your customers, clients, patrons, or patients are your number one concern. When you’re restarting your business and trying to get back on track as quickly as possible, you don’t have time to think about uniforms and linens. That’s why you need a weekly service that operates “in the background,” leaving you free to focus on more important things.

If your business needs uniforms, we’ll send one of our specialists to determine your exact needs. Then we’ll work with you to customize a uniform program that fits your budget and schedule. You can choose from top brands like Fashion Seal, Medline, Red Kap, and more. We’ll even arrange employee fittings.
When you take advantage of Crown’s commercial laundry service in Massachusetts, you’ll have one less worry on your mind as you work to get your business back into top form.