New England Owned Uniform Providers Exceed Expectations Over National – Local Supporting Local

Supporting and Engaging the Local Community 

As a family-owned business servicing New England for over 108 years, we know the value that local partnerships provide to Crown’s success. Our branch locations throughout New England partner with local suppliers and service providers, placing a high value on a local family-owned business supporting other locally owned businesses.

Choosing a local company versus a big box vendor for uniforms and linens comes with many perks. You don’t have to jump through hoops to get a response from customer service, your billing is transparent, and the attention to quality is unmatched. 

While we’re mapping out a pros and cons list, here are a few other pros that come with choosing a locally owned uniform and linen provider: 

  • Sustainability in the community – Having our branch locations centralized within the communities we serve helps us better implement our company’s environmentally friendly stance. 
  • Supporting the local Economy – Small businesses drive our country’s job growth; Crown employees are your neighbors, friends, and local connections.  
  • Customer voices are heardAside from exceeding all service expectations, our customers’ voices are heard. Our business is driven by customer feedback and input. 

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FACT – Local businesses take pride in knowing they conduct and support businesses within their local communities. Our uniform rental sales reps, route service representatives, production and warehouse staff, are not only providing you with exceptional customer service and the highest quality apparel, but we are also your customers, neighbors, and friends. 

FACT – At the end of the day, you are looking for a uniform service provider to respond to your needs. The feedback we receive from new customers who have switched from a national uniform service provider to Crown, is that they instantly see  increased responsiveness and with transparent billing. Your voice will be heard as a local business looking for superior service. Take comfort knowing we understand the local market, how regional trends drive business, and what it takes for you to compete against the giants. 

Align yourself with a like-minded partner.

Local and Family Owned = Commitment to Quality and Service 

Doing business with a company run by a family rather than  executive committees or stockholders means you’ll receive that authenticity, local character, and insight not seen with national providers. We aren’t just a family business because of the family that started Crown in 1914, we’re a family because of the dedication our employees have to the business and our customers. Many employees have spent most of their careers at Crown because of their honorable commitment to service. 

Most customers take pride knowing they are partnering with a company that ensures employees enjoy a quality work/life balance, enjoy a positive work culture and participate in the local communities they serve.

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