Maine’s Many Hospitals Need Specialized Linen Service

When you run any sort of medical office or hospital in Maine, your patients’ well-being is your primary concern. But in order to deliver the kind of exceptional care they deserve, you have to deal with aspects of business that are far removed from directly providing medical care.A specialized linen service for Maine hospitals

Ensuring a steady supply of clean linens is critical to operating a successful business in the medical sector. Without bedding, towels, patient gowns, and a wide range of specialty medical linens, your staff can’t focus on caring for patients. Do you really want to worry about whether you have enough, or how to ensure that they’re laundered properly?

Worry-free hospital linen service

Freedom from worries like these is what attracts so many customers to our hospital linen service in Maine. They rely on us to provide their hospital linens on time, every time, knowing that we handle and launder their items to meet the highest industry standards for cleanliness and sanitation.

We know that it’s vital for your linens to arrive when they should, and we respect our customers’ trust. We believe that when you sign up for a hospital linen service in Maine, you should be able to “set it and forget it.” If we’re doing our job, you should never have to think about it.

If Something Goes Wrong, We Make it Right

Of course, as with any other business, things do go wrong occasionally — even with state-of-the art machinery and equipment. Fortunately our expert technicians have the know-how and experience to get things up and running with as little delay as possible. In fact, our customers never know that anything happened, because when something goes wrong on our end, we make sure that it never affects your linen delivery.

Caring for tomorrow, today

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly hospital linen service in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, Maine or Connecticut – in fact any of the New England states – you’ll be pleased to know that our goal is to be the industry’s most sustainable commercial laundry service. We believe that it’s our responsibility to look after our planet for future generations, and we’ve invested heavily in equipment to help us do that. For example, we have a rainwater collection system which allows us to collect, clean, and heat rainwater for our washing processes, instead of sending it down the drain. Just one inch of rain water provides 52,000 gallons of water!
So, if you need a hospital linen service in Maine that will take care of you and the Earth, give Crown Uniform and Linen a call. We’re always be here when you need us.