Leasing Linens, Uniforms, and Other Cloth-items Versus Owning for Your Business

Many business owners prefer leasing commercial equipment to purchasing it outright. However, when we talk to prospective customers about renting linens and uniforms from a linen supply company like ours, they don’t always see the similarities right away.You can lease your linens and uniforms in Massachusetts and other New England states.

We use two examples to explain the advantages of leasing versus owning. First, let’s look at office equipment. Why pay for an expensive copier/printer when new-and-improved models come out every year? If you buy a machine outright, the fiscally prudent thing to do is use it until you can write off the expense. This could take five years or more!

The same thing applies to company vehicles. If you need them for your 10-person sales team, you could easily spend $300,000 to give person a car. When you lease, you pay as you go, freeing up a large chunk of capital to use elsewhere in your company. And, you can use the income your sales team brings in to make the monthly lease payments.

Do The Same With Uniforms And Linens!

If your business uses linens and uniforms, why not lease them from the leading linen supply company in New England? We could certainly sell them to you, but we think you’re better off leasing from Crown, because we:

  • Use top brands, which you can customize with your company name and logo.
  • Measure your team and provide personalized uniforms.
  • Take care of setting new employees up with the uniforms and linens they need.
  • Collect your dirty uniforms and linens each week and deliver freshly laundered and clean ones at the same time.
  • Help ensure your team always looks great and presents the right image to your customers/patients/users.
  • Mend any damaged items — or replace them if they’re beyond repair.
  • Bill on a monthly basis, so you can budget accordingly

As the leading linen supply company in New England we’d be delighted to send one of our expert reps out to see you and explain more about our services. We’ll produce a leasing plan that meets your requirements, and if you like what you see, we can get started! We service all the New England states – from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, Vermont to Rhode Island, and Maine to Connecticut.