Kitchen Staff Uniforms: Back of the House Uniform Rentals from Boston to Manchester, Providence to Nashua

The ‘Back of the House’ staff are important, too. You want them to look good and be comfortable. How? By using our restaurant linen service – from Boston to Manchester, Providence to Nashua, many ‘back of the house’ staff wears uniforms from crown.

Our line of kitchen apparel includes everything you need for your prep cooks and sous chefs. Choose from baggy black check pants, baggy black pants, white kitchen pants, or black kitchen pants. Pair any pant with our crisp classic kitchen shirts to keep your kitchen staff cool, clean, and comfortable.Uniform service for kitchen staff in a Providence, RI, restaurant

When you are responsible for handling food products in a safe manner, you need to know that your food service uniforms are hygienically clean and safe to work in. Whether you are working in a food processing plant, as a butcher in a meat department, serving food in a cafeteria, or providing a professional catering service, Crown has food service apparel program that will fit your needs.

Our uniform rental program ensures that you have fresh, clean kitchen wear, food processing apparel, butcher frocks, and serving uniforms every day. Our uniform service includes weekly pickup & delivery, professional laundering & pressing, and automatic repairs & replacements, all with no up-front cost.