Keeping Your Maine Business Safe Post COVID-19 Is a Top Priority for Crown

Post Covid-19 many things have changed, not the least of which are several laws and practices which concern the medical profession. Whether you are a doctor or a dentist, or perhaps a hospital, you may be seeking a best-in-class linen service partner who can take care of all your linen and uniform needs and at least take that worry off your hands.Portland Maine Linen Service

At Crown Uniform and Linen, we provide a linen service for a doctor’s office whether you’re in Maine or Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Rhode Island, that is second to none. One of the most important things is that everything – and we do mean everything – that may have been exposed to infectious materials and blood-borne pathogens is subjected to bacteriological testing and then cleaned to the very highest standards in the industry in order to ensure the safety of you, your staff, and your patients.

Scrubs And Lab Coats From Names You Trust

Our linen service for a doctor’s office in Maine or other New England states includes the use of scrubs from names that you know and trust such as Medline and Fashion Seal, all cleaned and pressed with the utmost precision. All garments can be personalized with your logo or brand and our computerized inventory control systems bring the cost of them down to about the same as your morning cup of coffee. Most importantly, we make certain that your scrubs, lab coats, patient wear, and medical linens arrive at your office on the dot at the same time every week so that you know that you will always have sufficient and never run out of anything.

If you need any sort of lab coats, whether men’s or women’s, lab jackets, short lab coats, anti-static lab coats, or lab frocks, at Crown we can provide them for you, and they can also be customized at no cost upfront. These will keep you comfortable and at the same time present a professional approach and appearance to your patients. They will be delivered each week looking as though they have only just come off the shelf.

You may also be pleased to know that at Crown Uniform and Linen our linen service for a doctor’s office in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts, is as environmentally friendly as it could be. We re-use our water by using the Norchem Ceramic Filtration System and we are one of only a very few processors to have invested in the technology. We also have a rainwater collection system which lets us collect, clean, and heat rainwater, each 1” of rain saving about 52,000 gallons of water.

At Crown, we really do go the extra mile, so if you are looking for a best-in-class linen service for your dentist or doctor’s office, you now know who to call.