Introducing the Total Protection Program: Elevate Your Uniform Experience with Crown

At Crown Uniform and Linen, we are in the image business. To us, this means inspiring confidence in customers. We understand the importance and value of displaying a professional image that impacts you and your employee’s success. That means ensuring your employees are properly uniformed with an image that is professional while keeping them safe and protected while feeling confident.


Crown Uniform and Linen is committed to providing all customers with the highest quality garments and linens. The Total Protection Program, outlined below, allows Crown customers to be confident in the quality of their garments and level of service throughout the lifetime of your service.


Consistency Meets Cost Effectiveness: Level Billing

One of the main concerns while managing uniforms is cost predictability. With Crown’s Total Protection Program, you can expect consistent flat-line billing. Say goodbye to unexpected spikes in your uniform expenses. This innovative billing system ensures that your budget remains seamless and your financial forecasts stay accurate. Crown Uniform and Linen becomes a supplier and a partner in your journey towards long-term value and success.


Seamless Adaptability: Set-Up Charges

Change happens, but Crown has you covered. The Total Protection Program covers all ancillary charges like barcoding and RFID assignments, ensuring your inventory management and quality control remain impeccable.


Additionally, the program eliminates makeup charges when you onboard new employees or adjust sizing for existing ones. This level of adaptability means your uniform program can evolve alongside your business without any unwelcome surprises in your budget.


Goodbye to Unpleasant Surprises: Lost & Unreturned Inventory

Employee turnover can lead to misplaced or unreturned uniforms, resulting in unexpected financial hits. You can bid farewell to these unpleasant surprises with the Total Protection Program.


Crown Uniform and Linen includes all uniforms and flats in the program, offering a safeguard against automatic replacement charges, often associated with high-loss items like napkins and towels. This thoughtful inclusion means that your team’s needs remain streamlined, and you won’t have to worry about unanticipated expenses caused by lost or unreturned items.


Quality and Excellence Redefined: Quality Replacements & Upgrades

At Crown Uniform and Linen, maintaining your team’s safety, comfort, and professional appearance is paramount. This commitment to quality is at the foundation of the Total Protection Program. Crown proactively offers quality replacements and upgrades to ensure your team members always look their best. The program’s focus on quality reaffirms Crown’s dedication to excellence and ensures that your team stands out for their skills and impeccable professional appearance.


TPP’s focus on level billing, adaptability, loss prevention, and quality upgrades redefines how businesses approach their uniform needs. Make a statement with your team’s appearance—choose the Total Protection Program for a seamless, cost-effective, and unparalleled uniform experience.


To learn more about how the Total Protection Program can revolutionize your uniform experience, contact Crown today!