Introducing Crown’s New Full Service First Aid

Crown Uniform & Linen will now begin to offer full service First Aid Programs to our customers. The program includes emergency-ready kits that are easy to use, well organized and serviced by highly trained Crown Route Service Representatives. Switching to Crown’s First Aid Program will ensure the safety of your workplace while remaining OSHA compliant.


The program will launch in Crown’s Milford, CT and Windsor, CT service areas only and expand into all territories later in the year. Our goal is to bring an innovative and safe approach to First Aid that is unlike national or DIY solutions.


Benefits of Crown’s Full Service First Aid will include: 


  • RFID technology and quick, serviceable door organizers to ensure customers always have the correct number of supplies within safe expiration.
  • Color-coded injury-specific modules made for tackling an emergency efficiently and easily.
  • Regular management by Crown’s highly trained staff, with the intent to keep your business safe by installing your first aid box with safety and compliance in mind. 
  • Scheduled Service Intervals efficiently update managed inventory. 
  • Eyewash station, AED, and Motorist kits also available to add to service 

Proper First Aid Kits are enforced by OSHA and Crown is offering compliant kits so businesses can confidently provide their duty of care. The RFID technology allows Crown’s service team to quickly check for any expiration dates and replace any used supplies.


Injury specific modules in our kits take away the panic of looking for the right supplies to treat an emergency. With our extremely organized and color-coded products, you will find what you need quickly and easily – which is unlike any other service available. To learn more about Crown’s Full Service First Aid Program, click here. You can add this to your service by simply contacting us at or filling out the form on our First Aid information page.