If Your Business Uses Linens, You Need a Commercial Laundry You Can Rely On

At Crown Uniform and Linen, we don’t just clean and launder uniforms and linens: we supply them as well. Very many businesses use uniforms as a way of making their staff look part of a team working together, from restaurants and hotels to dental surgeons, and from stores like Walmart to auto repair shops. Commercial laundryHaving your staff dressed in smart uniforms sets you apart from your competitors and helps to implant your brand in the mind of your customers.

Anyone connected with food service uses a lot of uniforms and linens. In a restaurant, you will want your wait staff to look great, and you might have your bartenders in a different uniform. The maitre d’ could have a different uniform to demonstrate that he has that position. Of course, you will also go through a lot of napkins, tablecloths, and so on, and you need a reliable laundry service so that you don’t have to worry about whether they will turn up when they should.

Having your linens turn up on time every time is critical to many businesses. If you run a restaurant, and the tablecloths and napkins don’t arrive, you simply can’t open for business. You can’t put used napkins out on the tables.

You also need uniforms for your back of house staff. Kitchen staff need to wear them, and the head chef will need a uniform befitting his position.

Uniforms From Leading Brands

Our uniform programs have been created to fit your needs and your budget. One of our specialists will be happy to visit you and discuss your needs, analyzing and evaluating the best uniforms and other linens. We supply uniforms from leading brands such as Medline, Red Kap, Fashion Seal, and Dickies, and there is a wide choice of designs and colors available. It goes without saying that all can have your logo either printed or embroidered on as you wish.

When you have made your choice of uniforms, we will schedule a custom fitting for your employees. It is vital that the uniforms are right and that your employees feel comfortable in them.

If you run a plumbing business, roofing, electricians, and more, our uniforms will also meet your staff PPE needs. Food processing businesses will need uniforms and linens that fully comply with FDA, CDC, and TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Safety Standards, and you can be assured that the uniforms we supply will meet them.

Once all that has been done, we will set up a schedule for collecting, cleaning, and returning all your uniforms and linens in whatever manner you require it. Then you can cross that off your “to-do” list because, from thereon in, we take care of everything.