If You Need Linen for Healthcare or Medical in MA, NH, RI, or CT, You Need a Trustworthy Linen Supply Company

Hospitals and healthcare are huge industries in New England. Boston, of course, is known as a “medical city” but so are smaller cities such as Hartford, Connecticut, or Providence, Rhode Island. One of the things on which they all rely, without exception, is their linen and uniform supply companies.hospital linen serviceFor example, nurses’ uniforms have to arrive in perfect condition, and they have to arrive on time every time. You can’t have nurses on award dressed in their own clothes because their uniforms didn’t arrive when they were supposed to. Technically, we don’t supply linens; we’re a linen service as the linens are constantly exchanged between the company and us. We get them back to you – whether you’re in Boston or Newton, Manchester or Providence, or anywhere else in the key New England states.

The same thing applies to bed linen. Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bed covers have to be there when needed, and they have to be there in sufficient quantity because if a doctor says that a patient can go home, the bed that he or she was using has to be changed immediately in order to cater for the next patient.

Then there are towels, screens, doctors’ coats, curtains, theatre cloth, and tablecloths. All these need to be to hand the instant that they are needed for use.

A Linen Service for Trying Times

Supplying the best linen service for hospitals and healthcare also requires a company that is adaptable. For instance, it may be the case that a lot of soiled linens build up over a very short space of time, and these things cannot be catered for. So the best linen service for hospitals and healthcare should be able to make an extra trip to the site at short notice in order to collect them, take them back to the laundry, and clean them, and if necessary carry out some overtime in order to ensure that there are sufficient items at the hospital whenever they are required.

Of course, it goes without saying that in order to provide the best linen service for hospitals and healthcare, the supplying company must be able to handle huge volumes. This is why so many people in the healthcare industry use our services at Crown Uniform and Linen Service. We have been in the uniform and linen supply and cleaning business since 1914 and we are a big enough company to handle any quantity that our customers can throw at us – and at short notice too. We have the premises, the equipment, and the staff that can deal with it.

Having said that, we are still a family-run business, and our directors are on site every day making certain that everything runs smoothly. Like any business, we run into problems from time to time, but we are big enough to deal with them and ensure that our customers never know of them. Everything always runs the way it should from our customers’ viewpoint.