Hospitals Are Almost Overwhelmed and Need Their Linens Cleaned Fast

Healthcare, especially hospitals and urgent care, deal with emergencies on a good day. On a bad day – and there have been a lot of bad days recently – they deal with a lot of emergencies. Emergency linen service for hospitals in MA CT RIUnfortunately, that gives them another emergency – they need an emergency linen service in order to handle all the extra linens, scrubs, sheets, blankets, towels, and so on, that they are going through at a faster rate than ever.

At Crown Uniform and Linen, we ARE that emergency linen service for cities as diverse as Boston, Providence, Nashua and others throughout the New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. If you are finding that your present linen service is overwhelmed and is not able to provide the service that you need, then come over and talk to us. We have been in the laundry business for over 100 years, and during all that time we have learned a thing or two. That is why we have always invested in the latest machinery and systems in order to keep right up to date and ensure that we can meet our customers’ demands every time – even in an emergency. We have the machines to handle it, and we have the staff to handle it too.

On Time, Every Time

We will produce your clean linens and uniforms on time, every time. If you are in an emergency situation right now, we can still help you. Give us a call right away and we will have one of our experienced representatives come over to see you straight away, assess your problem, and provide you with the answer that you need.

Yes, we really can! If you are struggling with the numbers right now – and a lot of healthcare services are – we can take some, or all, of the workload off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on what needs doing, which is caring for your patients, rather than worrying about whether you will have enough clean scrubs at the weekend. If we are dealing with it, you will have enough clean scrubs at the weekend. We guarantee it. We are, after all, an emergency linen service in New England.

As a best-in-class laundry service provider to the healthcare sector, we follow strict, environmentally friendly cleaning procedures to ensure that your linens meet or exceed regulatory expectations. We carry out bacteriological testing when dealing with scrubs and other items that potentially carry infectious pathogens so that you can be assured that your uniforms and linens will be cleaned to the highest standards in the industry.

We understand that when you are working you want to look and feel your best and that is why we can provide you with top of the range medical clothing for your needs. All can be personalized with your logo and name as well. Call our representative to discuss your requirements.