Five Key Factors When Choosing a Uniform & Linen Rental Company in New England

At Crown Uniform and Linen we proudly serve our local New England community, from Providence, Rhode Island to Portsmouth, New Hampshire or Hartford, Connecticut. The way that national companies operate are simply different than a local, family-owned business like Crown, and there are five key factors to consider when choosing the best uniform rental service for your business.

Uniform Rental Company in Massachusetts

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Crown customers experience a level of dedication and commitment not seen by its national competitors. From our staff to our quality assurances, you will find that our focus is on providing you with the best uniform and linen rental option in New England. Understand the initial costs and the total overall value and how it can enhance your business and image.  Many national competitors offer low initial costs; these prices do not hold, lack quality, service and cost you time and money.

Understanding Price

  • Other Uniform Rental Companies – Other uniform companies in New England will offer a quotation that includes introductory pricing, typically subject to one or multiple price increases within the first three months of service.
  • The Crown Difference – Crown offers transparent and upfront pricing in which we lock in your pricing for the first year of your agreed-upon rate.

Read Your Invoice

  • Other Uniform Rental Companies – You may find other uniform rental companies invoices confusing, with unspoken service charges added to your overall cost affecting your budgeting and bottom line.
  • The Crown Difference – Crown focuses on transparency – providing easy to read invoices with the proper items appearing one the right frequency and billing interval.

Quality Comparison

  • Other Uniform Rental Companies – Some commercial laundries claim excellence and quality. Still, they lack the training, account management, and facility to ensure that all uniforms and linens meet your specific industries’ standards and compliance guidelines.
  • The Crown Difference – Crown Uniform and Linen has invested over 18 million dollars in our HLAC Accredited & TRSA Hygienically Clean Certified commercial laundry facility and has implemented the industry’s best quality assurance standards.  Our uniforms and linens are processed to meet and exceed all state and federal regulations and industry-specific compliance guidelines, including OSHA, CDC, FDA, HACCP, and JOINT COMMISSION.

Shortages & Poor Account Management

  • Other Uniform Rental Companies – National uniform rental companies may lead to disappointment when it comes to shortages, missed deliveries, and inventory management. You also will discover that these same companies provide service personnel with no authority to solve and rectify your problems on time.
  • The Crown Difference – Crown’s three Tier service management system will provide you with an empowered route service representatives, a route supervisor, and a service manager dedicated to the success of your account. Our service coordinators drive our customer-driven service team to make sure all of our accounts are getting the highest level of service.

“It’s so rewarding and brings me great personal satisfaction to meet my customer’s needs and achieve their goals.” – Teresa Pacheco – Service Coordinator Crown Uniform & Linen


Pride, Experience and Training

  • Other Uniform Rental Companies – You will discover with other uniform rental companies a high employee turnover, low morale and a lack of training, which results in inconsistent service with a lack of understanding of your business and its success.
  • The Crown Difference – Here at Crown, we pride ourselves on our employee’s tenure, industry experience, and some of the most advanced training programs within the uniform and linen rental industry. You will find our uniform experts knowledgeable, helpful, and always working hard to provide you with the best Crown experience possible.

Similar to purchasing local farm-fresh produce or supporting a local business, you are making a purchase decision that directly affects your community when choosing Crown Uniform and Linen. With over 100 years of service, and dedication to the Healthcare system in New England, we our proud to offer the highest standards in laundering and service in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about how we can fit your practice with uniforms and get started with a full-service program, click here!