Don’t Have Time to Think About Mats? Rent Them!

Mats are the unsung heroes of the business world. They’re stepped on, stomped on, dumped on — and often ignored. Day after day they do their jobs, trapping dirt, mud, and moisture from staff and customers’ feet. Floor mat rentals in New England.They help you keep your floors clean and dry. They reduce slips and falls. And in return, they’re often forgotten.

Many businesses buy new mats, put them down, and leave them for years! These mats get dirtier and dirtier until they’re completely ineffective. While you might be thinking your mats are stopping dirt from getting into your restaurant, shop, doctor’s office, or whatever type of business you run, they’re not!

And, dirty, worn mats aren’t just visually unappealing. They’re also a serious financial liability, because they can lead to slips, trips, and falls. If staff and customers get hurt, you may be hit with a huge compensation claim if a court decides that your mats were at fault because of your negligence.

Smart Businesses Use Our Floor Mat Rental Service

That’s why smart businesses rent mats from Crown Uniform and Linen. Our service for floor mat rentals in New England makes it easy to create a safer environment — and to make a good first impression on anyone who comes into your business.

We start by providing brand new mats, complete with your logo or a customized welcome message. Then, we come back on a regular basis to collect your dirty mats and deliver a fresh set that we’ve laundered and cleaned to the highest professional standards.

Professional mat service means you’ll always have mats that look brand new — and clean floors. Better still, you don’t have the initial expense that comes with purchasing mats for your business. Our floor mat rentals in New England protect your business and your bank balance.