A Uniform Service that Does Medical Right: Uniforms for Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, and Healthcare

Medical uniforms play an important role in the doctor’s office, dentist office, and other healthcare facilities. They protect against the spreading of harmful pathogens, help you present a professional image, and help patients identify your staff. They even help you to achieve OSHA BBP Compliance.

Crown’s medical uniform service will provide your medical office with high quality, custom fitted medical scrubs, and nurses uniforms in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors from high quality brands like Medline and Fashion Seal. We service all of New England, from its larger cities such as Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville in Massachusetts to the smaller cities and towns in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and even as far south as Connecticut. Our selection of lab coats includes three quarter sleeve lab coats, full length lab coats, consultation coats, anti static lab coats, and lab frocks.Medical and Healthcare Linen Servicer in Boston, Mass

As a professional linen and uniform service that does healthcare well, we understand that medical uniforms need to be functional and flattering so we carefully tailor medical uniforms to individual staff members to ensure comfort and ease of movement. Each week your hygienically laundered and professionally pressed medical uniforms will arrive on hangers wrapped in plastic, and Crown will automatically replace scrubs, nurses uniforms, and lab coats when they become worn or overly soiled.

Crown’s healthcare laundry facilities exceed OSHA requirements and we are fully accredited by the HLAC. Crown services a variety of practices; from 2-3 person medical and dental offices to major hospitals, and is dedicated to helping you achieve OSHA BBP compliance while enhancing your professional image as a healthcare provider. If yo’re in the medical or healthcare industry in New England, give us a call today.